10 Instagram Captions For Your 21st Birthday

Your 21st birthday is the celebration of your first legal drink unless you live in places other than the United States. It is also the last major milestones of your birthday years. If you have a perfect birthday, you are going to need the perfect Instagram caption.

1. Hit me with your best shot

... fire away.

2. Being 21 is nothing to wine about


Because you can drink all the wine you want!

3. I heard having too many birthdays can kill you


Advice: don't get too old.

4. Cheers to 21


A simple and straight to the point caption.

5. Brb, need to flex my ID real quick


Because you're 21!!

6. Gonna party like it’s my birthday…cause it is


Happy birthday!

7. I.D. love a drink, thanks!


It's all about the ID when you're 21.

8. At 16 you can drive. At 21 you can have a cold one. Do both at the same time and your present might not have a future.


-Greg Tamblyn

This is a great way to raise awareness for a much bigger problem.

9. Ready to stumble and drink responsibly


Because we play by the rules here.

10. Bad and Boozy


Need I say more?

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