21 Things You Will Only Understand If You Went to a Quaker School
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21 Things You Will Only Understand If You Went to a Quaker School

Not Amish

21 Things You Will Only Understand If You Went to a Quaker School

If you were ever lucky enough to have attended a Quaker school then this list will definitely speak to you. From Meeting for Worship and the Quaker values (or S.P.I.C.E.S), to crazy traditions and an amazing community, your school made you the person you are today. Get ready to reminisce.

1. You have had to explain to far too many people that no, we are not Amish.

2. Being Quaker goes far beyond eating a bowl of oatmeal.

3. You understand S.P.I.C.E.S.

Simplicity, Peace, Integrity, Community, Equality, Stewardship. Duh.

4. You call all of your teachers by their first names.

A good number of them were like second parents to you. Your teachers were awesome.

5. Community means everything to you.

You probably sought out small liberal arts colleges in hopes of finding a community as strong as your school’s.

6. Meeting for Worship.

Sometimes you may have fallen asleep or used this time of reflection to study notes for your test next period. You probably had a sort of love-hate relationship with MFW but you learned to love it and recognize the importance of it and you definitely miss it in college.

7. Your school had the most amazing traditions and it made it super unique.

You played Quaker games in P.E., sang songs, the faculty and staff put on plays, you name it.

8. There’s a high chance that you attended a Quaker sleep-away camp in the summer and loved it.

Shiloh, Catoctin, Opequon…

9. You embrace diversity and this played a huge role in applying to colleges.

10. Your school really cared about the environment.

... And so do you. Your school had meatless Mondays, composted food, had a ton of solar panels, and had earth stewardship day.

11. Going to a Quaker school does not mean that you have to be Quaker.

Though it is a religion, it’s also a lifestyle. Being a Quaker basically means being a good person.

12. You went to school with some of the same people for practically your whole life and your grade is super close.

Your class was your family and they all saw you go through your awkward phase.

13. You remain close with a ton of your high school friends.

14. When you come back home on breaks you visit your school and all of your old teachers because your school is your home.

"I'm back."

15. You keep in touch with the grades below you and know all of the latest gossip.

16. You go to all of the alumni events.

17. When you were in high school you and your friends probably chose to go hangout on campus in the middle of the night at least once because you just couldn’t get enough.

18. Sports are a big deal and so is school spirit.

The entire community shows up for big games. (And maybe your school even had a rock-climbing wall, who knows?)

19. You got to know all of the divisions of your school.

The lower school, middle school and upper school.

20. All of the parents of the kids in your grade are really close.

... and they know everything.

21. Quaker or not you absolutely loved your school.

Even when you leave, your school will still be your home. It taught you your values. Now that you have moved on you appreciate your Quaker education more and more because it taught you to be accepting, loving and kind. You will never forget the wonderful people and experiences you had and you will be forever grateful.

Continue to walk in the light, everyone!
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