'Tis the season to be jolly folks, and if you're anything like me, then at the stroke of midnight on Halloween your home went from wicked to winter

1. Decking the halls AKA decorating before Thanksgiving.


First things first, THE TREE IS UP. Or at least you're clearing up a spot in your living room, bed room or where ever to make room for your Xmas tree. I mean its the first day of the Christmas season and you have to start it right. But ya know, if you're being a grinch and waiting 'till after Thanksgiving to put up a tree, then in the very least your lights are up and all of your pillows are festive.

2. Playing Christmas music all day long. 


The one time of year where Michael Bublé comes out from under a rock is when you truly come alive. Your Spotify playlist is loaded with a mixture of the classics with Sinatra singing I'll be home for Christmas to Grandma got run over by a reindeer. You've got to appeal to the masses here. Either way, whichever songs you have on your list, you've got that jolly jingle on BLAST and no one can stop you from bringing the musical holiday cheer where ever you go.

3. Christmas movie marathons.


Honestly, did you ever stop watching Christmas movies from last year? I mean yes we know we have seen each and every Christmas movie about a hundred times but guess what, we're still not sick of them. Elf, anyone?

4. Getting offended when someone hates Christmas.


First of all, no one asked you to be Scrooge this year. If you're getting your tinsel in a tangle from all of my Christmas cheer than you can go FA LA LA yourself in the corner. As for the rest of us who have never had coal in our stockings, we'll be over here having a jolly good time. *Cranks up Jingle Bells*

5. Drinking holiday themed drinks.


Basically, you now live at Starbucks have a collection of red cups from 2005 and are running off of Eggnog lattes with a hint of peppermint.

6. Buying ugly Christmas sweaters. 


Yes, we know you have a plethora of chunky ugly Christmas knits, but have you seen this new one target put out for this year? I mean whats one more sweater to keep you warm during this chilly time of year. Definitely a need for this holiday season.

7. Using every chance to talk about Christmas.


Pretty much, anyone who has spoken to you since the beginning of October, or when the temperature dropped into the 60's, your mindset has been on straight Christmas mode. By the end of the year, you'll probably have said "Christmas" over a million times. A major bonus for yourself is anytime you can throw in "Bah humbug," or "Sweet Christmas."

8. Baking Christmas cookies.


Cookies here cookies there, cookies are everywhere and you cannot stop. People swear you own a bakery, and you love it.

Merry Christmas to my Christmas lovers out there! Remember, it's never too early to spread good cheer, no matter what those little grinches say. Keep being the jolly to my holly!