21 Things Moms Do Better Than Everyone
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21 Things Moms Do Better Than Everyone

Without moms, we wouldn't live...literally.

21 Things Moms Do Better Than Everyone
Mary-Margaret Sullivan

1. Grocery Shop

She can literally walk in and come out with enough groceries to feed an army. I don't understand the superwoman skill, but somehow in between the list, the drive, and the coming home, the actual shopping part only took 20 minutes. It takes me 20 minutes alone to decide what kind of frozen pizza to get.

*Side note: The ever so popular "Help me bring in the groceries" is not missed.

2. Cooking The Damn Food

I love food, and I love when people cook me food. I also love when my mom cooks meatloaf and when she bakes sugary, fattening baked goods. I currently can cook anything that doesn't take more than about 15 minutes, and doesn't require skill. I need my mom.

3. Cleaning

Somehow, and don't ask me how, but a room will look absolutely impeccable within 10 minutes of tidying and vacuuming. I don't understand it. It takes me about two and a half hours to clean my room, without vacuuming.

4. Reassurance

It doesn't matter how old I am, if my mom tells me "everything is going to be OK," there is not a single doubt in my mind that everything is going to straighten its way out.

5. Tough Love

As much as mothers love their children, moms have the ability to give the best tough love I've ever seen. It's not that they act any different, it's the instilled fear that disappointing her will leave you feeling bad for a REALLY long time.

6. The Death Glare

I've never known a mother that doesn't have a signature look that impresses fear, anxiety and plain horror into a child. It's the one look that when you think you just did the funniest thing in the world, and she shoots you that look, you immediately stop and hold your breath until she quits looking at you. Well all know it too well.



7. Routine

There isn't a single mother out there who hasn't created a routine for her and her family. She creates this world that works on a perfectly timed schedule, and no matter what wrench is thrown into that, she can dodge it and keep on truckin'. It is honestly the most impressive thing ever, seeing as though I can't even get through my day without a nap.

8. Holidays

She always makes holidays special, from Christmas to Valentine's day, there's always something special a mom does to let her kids know she loves them. Moms let you know it isn't just about the presents, but about the time you get to spend with family.

9. Give Great Advice

They always know what to say at the precise time to say it. She always has a mantra about what exactly is happening in your life. No matter what it is, she's been through it and knows how to get you through it too.

10. Pack For Anything

Need a band-aid? Mom has it. Sunscreen? SPF 50. Chapstick? It's in the little pocket. You're hungry? There's a power bar in here somewhere.

11. Being The Greatest Cheerleader

No matter what we try or what we succeed at doing, there's always a mom standing behind us cheering us on as we try to play volleyball or take a drawing class. She'll always be at your games or hang up your final project.

12. Putting Up With Middle School Phases

Looking back, we all know we were unfortunate, asshole-ish creatures, but Mom was always there by your side, even when you snuck out without cleaning your room after she asked for the 70th time, or decided to cut your own bangs in the bathroom with your friends at 2 am. She held on.

13. Dealing With Dad Before We Had Too

There will never be enough words to thank the mothers that took the dad bullet on too many occasions. Remember that C you got on your math test and Mom told Dad when you were asleep? You should thank her again.

14. Knowing When You're Actually Sick

There's times they let you slide when they know you just want a day off from school, but when you're actually a snotty-nosed, dragon-breath, sweaty-stinky-ass mess, they know, and they will take care of you like no one in your life ever will.

15. Patience

I've never understood the zen mindset moms get into when they are in the car with kids fighting, screaming, complaining, and whining. But it should always be commended that they don't kill anyone.

16. Judging Friends

As much as everyone hates when parents shut down your friends because they "don't really seem like someone you should be hanging around with," you later learn in life that moms always have the best judge of character and you should always take a cues from them.

17. Their Unwavering Intuition

If there's one thing my mom has the best of, it's intuition. She can tell you in a split second if something seems off, wrong, or out of place, and when to say no.

18. Being Crafty

I swear, and this is seriously just a mom thing, but my mom can draw, craft, or make anything out of freaking anything! Need a costume for a school project? Oh, just let me whip that up in 2 hours before I go to bed...it's insane how crafty that one is!

19. She Always Has Birthdays On Lock

There is not one time when I was little that a birthday party wasn't planned or in the works five weeks in advance. All my friends were there, it was usually themed, and my mom planned the entire thing. Now we just drink through them.

20. Being Your Best Friend

The older you get, you realize she's the best friend you've had since day one (literally), and the best friend you'll have forever. She's really good at listening and shopping and honesty when she hates your boyfriend.

21. Unconditional Love

If there's one thing a mother will always do better than anyone, is give you unconditional love that you won't find anywhere else in your life, or with anyone else.

Love ya Mom!

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