21 Reasons I Know The Cubs Are Going To The World Series
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21 Reasons I Know The Cubs Are Going To The World Series


21 Reasons I Know The Cubs Are Going To The World Series
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For those that have not yet experienced the Chicago Cubs mojo, I am here to reassure you that the Chicago Cubs will indeed play at the 2016 World Series. Here are 21 reasons the Chicago Cubs are the best:

1. Joe Maddon

If you haven’t heard yet, the Cubbies acquired manager Joe Maddon last season. He led the Cubs to a regular season record of 97 wins and 65 loses. If that doesn’t give you a reason to believe he is the best manager in the MLB, then his positive attitude towards having fun and just playing the game should. Oh, and that he was awarded 2015 Manager of Year.

2. Theo Epstein

Not only one of the hottest presidents of Baseball Operations, Theo Epstein is the Chicago Cubs ambitious President of Baseball Operations. With his success with the Boston Red Sox, Epstein is determined to bring success to the Chicago Cubs.

3. Wrigley Field

Undergoing massive renovations, Wrigley Field’s home vibe goes beyond words and creates a magical baseball experience.

4. Anthony Rizzo

My future husband and the Cubs first baseman has the power and leadership to lead the Chicago Cubs to the World Series. It helps that he is a powerhouse at bat.

5. Jake Arrieta

2015 Cy Young Award winner, Jake Arrieta, has one of the best arms in the MLB. Plus, his killer beard is classic.

6. Kris Bryant

Chicago Cubs heartthrob third baseman and power-hitter, won the 2015 Rookie of the Year Award setting records for most rookie home runs in a single season. Sorry, ladies, he’s taken.

7. The Fans

The world’s greatest fans, Chicago Cubs fans are lively and ambitious. They support their team no matter how horrible they have been in the past. I mean, not just any fans stick around for 108 years waiting for a World Series win.

8. The Curse of the Billy Goat

Whether you are the most dedicated Cubs fan or a bandwagon fan, you know the curse of the billy goat is very real. But you don’t care, because you have so much faith in your Cubbies that you know they will win!

9. Favored to Win

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, the Chicago Cubs are indeed favored to win the 2016 World Series. Started from the bottom now we here.

10. Chicago

Hello! The Chicago Cubs reside in the greatest city ever: Chicago! There is no other way to describe how cool being from Chicago is.

11. Strategies

Like many teams in the MLB, the Cubs have many strategies to winning. However, one of the biggest strategy Joe Maddon emphasizes is that the team works together as a family.

12. Kyle Schwarber

Schwarbomb! That’s all.

13. Addison Russell

At just the age of 21, this Cub’s shortstop is speedier than most and makes amazing plays such as the one above.

Jealous? So is St. Louis Cardinal’s Jhonny Peralta.

14. John Lackey AND Jason Heyward

Cardinal fans still haven’t learned, but these two have. Lackey and Heyward know where it’s at and chose to play for the Chicago Cubs. Heyward describes their decision best, “I don't want to take the highest dollar amount when my gut is telling me to go somewhere else.” Guess the Chicago Cubs are just that enticing.

15. Their History

As I mentioned earlier, the Cubs haven’t had the greatest luck the past 108 years. However, their incredible 2015 season changes that all. Going from 65 wins to over 90 wins in one season should be a good enough reason on it’s own.

16. They are young as hell!

With the youngest lineup in the MLB, they have room to grow and their talents will expand. Watch out.

17. Ben Zobrist

Recently acquired, Zobrist will bring fire and heat to the Chicago Cubs. With the ability to play almost every position, the Cubs are set.

18. National League Central

The Cubbies play in the hardest and best division: the national league central. Not only do they play rivals St. Louis Cardinals, they play the Pittsburgh Pirates, Milwaukee Brewers and Cincinnati Reds.

19. 2015 Post-Season

The Chicago Cubs 2015 Post-Season was historic. I mean, Chicago erupted when the Cubbies won the NLDS and advanced to the NLCS against the Mets. Just check out this bone chilling excitement!

20. #WeAreGood

The hashtag that says it all.

21. They are the Chicago Cubs

Enough said.

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