Here Are The 2019 NFL Week 3 Predictions You'll Need
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Here Are The 2019 NFL Week 3 Predictions You'll Need

It's only been two weeks; if your team is struggling, don't panic yet.

Here Are The 2019 NFL Week 3 Predictions You'll Need

The first two weeks of the season have been surprisingly average. There have been a few surprises, but nothing extremely unbelievable. It's probably not a good time to be a Dolphins fan, and the NFC West is looking like a powerhouse. Anyways, here are my predictions for Week 3.

Titans vs. Jaguars | Titans 10 - Bears 3

It feels like every quarterback is injured already, and Nick Foles is no exception. Meanwhile, the Titans are averaging 30 points a game and with good defense on their side. Maybe the Jags' rookie quarterback can work his Foles magic and save the season?

Dolphins vs. Cowboys | Cowboys 37 - 3

The Dolphins don't even look like they are trying to win a football game. They lost to the Patriots 42-0 last week, and that was actually an improvement from week one. No wonder everyone in Miami is requesting a trade. With the Cowboys offense, I expect this to be a blowout, and maybe the Dolphins can get on the board.

Bengals vs. Bills | Bills 27 - 17

There is not much to break down here. The Bills have won a couple of close games, while the Bengals have given up over 60 points. The Bills should get the job done here versus the Bengals at home.

Lions vs. Eagles | Eagles 24 - 21

The Lions have looked okay in these first two weeks, but Carson Wentz looked incredulously bad and no one could have seen that coming. But like many other top quarterbacks that have looked off, I expect him to improve this week, but not without some struggles.

Jets vs. Patriots | Patriots 38 - 0

The Patriots have only given up 3 points all year and the Jets have basically no offense. If you can't tell, that is the recipe for a blowout and a shutout victory for the Patriots. They will steamroll right over the struggling Jets and move on to week four.

Falcons vs. Colts | Falcons 24 - 14

After an abysmal start to the season for Matt Ryan, already having more than 60% of his interception total in 2018, I think he will bounce back, and with how good the Falcons defense has looked, I see them winning this one. I will give credit to how good Jacoby Brisset has looked in place of Andrew Luck and the Colts are certainly still a threat.

Raiders vs. Vikings | Vikings 28 - 10

The Raiders were exposed in week two against the Chiefs after winning in week one, but the Vikings are still a significantly better team. I cannot see the Raiders even coming close to winning this game, especially with how the Vikings defense has looked.

Ravens vs. Chiefs | Chiefs 41 - 28

The Ravens appear to be a great team this year and finally seem to have all their parts clicking, but they played the Dolphins and Cardinals. Week three is where they will be exposed by an unstoppable Chiefs offense.

Broncos vs. Packers | Packers 24 - 15

On paper, this should be a routine win for the Packers. Expect nothing less from them.

Panthers vs. Cardinals | Panthers 17 - 10

Cam just looks absolutely broken. He is making inaccurate throws at an unbelievable rate. There are barely any signs of life coming from him so far. However, this is a good game for them to get back in the win column.

Giants vs. Buccaneers | Giants 24 - 21

Neither team has looked great so far, but the Giants look a lot worse than Tampa Bay. I still think this will be one of the more interesting games this week, especially as we get a chance to see rookie Daniel Jones as Eli Manning has been demoted.

Saints vs. Seahawks | Seahawks 21-12

With Drew Brees out at least six weeks with a torn ligament in his thumb, I think the Seahawks will make quick work of Teddy Bridgewater and the Saints to a convincing but not dominant win.

Texans vs. Chargers | Chargers 24-23

This matchup right here is one I have a tough time predicting. Both the Texans and the Chargers are evenly matched, so this is a tossup for me. I think this game will go right down to the wire, ending on the last drive.

Steelers vs. 49ers | 49ers 35 - 10

The 49ers have collected two convincing road wins and have an explosive offense, looking to tell everyone that they are a serious contender. And with the Big Ben injury that has him placed on the IR, the 49ers should have a comfortable victory here.

Rams vs. Browns | Browns 31 - 21

I genuinely think week one was a fluke, but a week two victory against the Jets is not convincing enough for experts. This game is where the Browns will silence all the critics, pulling off a huge upset versus a Rams team that has played great.

Bears vs. Redskins | Bears 24 - 13

The Bears need an easier matchup that is the Redskins, and this is also exactly what Trubisky needs to get settled. This game is where the Bears cement themselves as a competitive team.

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