Does 2019 suck? Because I think it sucks!

As I mentioned in some of my previous articles, this year isn't going too well for me. I've had no energy, I've had to revaluate both my personal life and my educational life, and I might be depressed.

You think this would be a good year for me because I'm officially about to be 21, on the 27th of June. I also have a dream job and opportunity in the fall at my school. However, this job is an hour away and I get carsick just getting there, and from the sips of alcohol I've tasted, I don't really like.

The only good thing about 2019 is that it seems to be flying by. However, that isn't good for my summer vacation.

I'm not sure why this year isn't great.

Maybe because 2018 was such a good year for me. Hell, even 2017 was pretty good. 2019 just can't compare to it. Maybe because this year has the number nine in it, which has never been a good number for me. 2009 was not my favorite year either. And every TV show's ninth season is never good, Top Chef, Dancing With The Stars, America's Next Top Model, etc.

This year, I've been told something I've been working on for years is terrible, had major realizations about my sexuality and my education, had a pregnancy scare, and just haven't had any motivation.

Anyway, now that I'm approaching my birthday and the second half of the year, I'm hoping to turn it around.

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