AFC Wild-Card Round Predictions

Steelers vs. Miami

Even though the Ravens the currently the leaders of the AFC North, The Steelers are just the better overall team and will get to the top before playoff time. The Dolphins have been a quite team this year but are about to make the playoffs since their last visit in 2008. The Dolphins also haven’t won a playoff since 2000 and that isn’t going to change this year. Big Ben and his crew are simply too talented on offense to be stopped by the Dolphin’s defense

Texans vs. Chiefs

The AFC South is easily the worst division in football right now and the Texans should thank the rest of their division that they are in even in this playoff picture. On the other hand, the Chiefs are arguably in the best division in football right now. They have earned their record and will be more than pleased with easy first round win vs the Texans.

NFC Wild-Card Round Predictions

Lions vs. Redskins

The Lions have been carried by Matt Stafford all season long. He has been clutch for the Lions when they need it most. Everyone else on the team has been subpar at best. The Redskins, however, have been hot on offense. Kirk Cousins has been throwing the ball like his job depends on it and, it does. Kirk is currently playing through a franchise tag and I’m going to bet on the man that might lose his job if he doesn’t take his team deep in the playoffs.

Falcons vs. Giants

The only question in this game is can the Giants stop the Falcon’s offense? If they are able to stop them then they will be able to advance to the next round. The Giants will get their points and Eli Manning inside the playoffs is a monster. This with the help of their defense will lead the New York Giants to victory.

In The Hunt

Denver Broncos

They have a better chance of getting in then the Dolphins but the lack of QB play will start to hurt in the last few weeks.

Baltimore Ravens

The Ravens currently have the lead in the AFC North and if they are able to win the next game against the now healthy Steelers and make sure they don’t give up more losses. They might be able to retain the AFC North.

Minnesota Vikings

Remember when the Vikings started 5-0? Ever since then they have won one game in the last 6 games. If they are able to bring back some of that magic and pray the Lions don’t choke their tie-breaker away.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

The biggest surprise for the playoff race is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They honestly have a good chance to make the playoffs and that is nuts. If the Falcons do a little screwing up in the next couple of weeks and the Buccs make sure to win more games than the Falcons. They might just have a chance.