Around this time of year, we are all thankful for these common things. Friends, family, good health, the things you have, and etc. However, there are some things we use every day that we never thought to be thankful for, but are thankful for. And they usually aren’t the first things to come to mind.

1. Pizza Cutters

Because cutting pizza with a knife is too much of a struggle.

2. Velcro

Imagine learning how to tie your shoes years earlier than you actually learned how to do so. Tough stuff I tell you.

3. Forks, knives, spoons, etc.

Imagine using your hands for everything in the kitchen.

4. Cell phones

Could you imagine your life without one? No, of course not.

5. Cancelled classes

Because who likes going to class?

6. Hair ties

Imagine actually tying your hair with a string, or tying your hair itself. Ouch!

7. Coffee

How would you ever wake up in the morning?

8. Mechanical Pencils

I never thought I would be thankful for always having a sharp pencil.

9. Garlic

Garlic makes everything taste better.

10. Air Conditioning

Once you live the AC life, you can never go back.

11. Deadlines

Yes, they suck, but the motivate you to do something with your life.

12. Water

Well this one, you know, we would DIE without.

13. Fuzzy Socks

No need to wear double pairs of socks.

14. Pop sockets

The days of your phone falling on your face are long gone.

15. Headphones

So, no one else has to listen to your questionable music choices.

16. Nail clippers

We’d all have claws without these.

17. Rubber bands

The uses for these are endless.

18. Bobby pins

The savior of every bad hair day.

19. Spotify/Apple Music

Can you imagine buying all of those songs you have saved on those apps? Literally hundreds of dollars in music I bet.

20. Waking up every morning in a bed of your own

You'd be surprised how many people DON'T have that.

Be thankful folks.