20 things I learned in 20 years
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20 Things I Learned During 20 Years of Experiencing Life

We are all students of life

20 Things I Learned During 20 Years of Experiencing Life
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I've been alive for 20 years as of August 14th. It's surreal I've been alive that long and with that territory of life experience comes valuable knowledge. In no particular order or age, here's 20 things I learned.

20. Everything is connected to our breath.


My several years of yoga taught me that one. It's important to remember to just breathe, especially when life becomes overwhelming. If we allow it so, our breath can heal. So, breathe deeply.

19. Love is our core


Love is the core of us and our universe. Love is fundamental to our sanity. Also, I'm a major hippie at heart for holding this as a belief as strongly as I do.

18.  You've got to earn your place...somehow


We all have a niche, and a right to be here. We just have to find it. It's usually rooted in our passions. Mine is for the environment and humanity.

17. Friends can be hard to make, and easier to lose.


Friendship is fluid, and I've many friends in my life. Thank goodness most of them have been for real, but I'm not without my betrayals.

16. Use what you got to get ahead in life


Never be afraid to use your assets to get ahead in life. Whether that's charm or skill, you've got this! I learned this when I was 5 years old and selling tissue ghost as Halloween decor. My cuteness as a 5-year-old got them every time, aha.

15. Change is exciting and scary


Life is all about change. Everything is temporary. Once I accepted that Life got a lot more sentimental.

14. Things get more complex as you grow older


Things are so much simpler in your childhood. You don't have job, bills, or any of that hard adulting stuff. Plus, the law is just confusing to comprehend.

13. Everyone is human


In my teenage years, I realized everyone is human and has a wholly unique inner world. Humans make mistakes and that's okay. we are all humans, rather than machines.

12. Finding your niche is everything


This goes along with earning your place. Yet, beyond earning it you have to find it. This can prove difficult but it's not impossible. I'm still finding mine.

11. Having faith


Faith isn't essential but it sure does make living life a heck of a lot easier. It gives you something to believe in and hope for.

10.  Your words have power


Say what you mean and mean what you say. Life gets easier once you do that.

9. Be yourself


Be authentically you and your whole life will fall into place.

8.  Change is everything


Be and exemplify the change you wish to see in the world. Change begins with you.

7. People won't always like you


People won't always like you for you. They might think your weird or whatever but that's okay! the right people will like you.

6. Age is mostly number


Age matters for alcohol and dating when you are younger. Yet, it doesn't count for liking things from your childhood like stuffies or pokemon. Enjoy the finer things in life regardless of age.

5. Experience is valuable


Adults used to tell me this all the time a young teen but I brushed them off. I realized in my later years how right they were though. It's because of this experience that I'm able to make wiser decisions and not get burned as bad twice from the same situation.

4. Friends are important but you are more so


Friendship is arguably one of the most important things in our life. Yet a real friendship would never ask you to harm yourself in any way. Take care of yourself first.

3. Allow yourself to love again


Love is everything, so always allow yourself to love again after healing from a betrayal or loss. It's possible and essential.

2. Express yourself free of judgement


Life is full of judgment but don't let that get in the way of expressing your individuality. Dress I up, or get that piercing or tat. You got this, you do you boo.

1. Life is worth it


It took me so long to realize this but it is so worth it. Life is an adventure and you never know what's next- that's the fun part! It's all about your perception.

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