20 Struggles Every Retail Worker Understands
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20 Struggles Every Retail Worker Understands

The employee discount sounded so nice

20 Struggles Every Retail Worker Understands

As summer ends, so do summer jobs. One popular summer job that many of us have had the unfortunate privilege of holding is a retail job. Whether working in retail is something you do for only a few months, or your full time career, there are many things that we, retail workers, have in common.  

While most of my friends worked as camp counselors or lifeguards during the past few summers, I’ve worked at a clothing boutique. I hate to be one to complain, but working in retail has left me no choice. 

Here are 20 struggles that every person who has ever worked in retail can relate to. 

1. As surprising as it sounds, standing on your feet for six to 10 hour shifts is not a fun time for your feet or knees. I wish my Nike sneakers matched this dress I'm wearing. 

2. They're called "pickers" and they are the bane of your existence. Leaving the racks like this is appreciated by no one.

3. The employee discount is the ultimate double-edged sword. My checks might as well just come in store credit form.

4. If you weren't OCD or anal-retentive before you started working in retail, you are now! However, the last thing you want to do when you come home from a six hour shift of folding clothes is to fold your own clothes. 

5. Receiving 12 boxes of new shipments during your shift makes you pause and seriously contemplate running out the door. Time to tag, size, and hang! At least this will make the time go faster, right?

6. When customers feel the need to browse the rack you are in the process of trying to fix, you think, I'll be done in 20 seconds, so please don't passive aggressively crush my fingers while you move the hangers in my direction. There are 30 other empty racks in this store; why you chose the one I'm trying to fix boggles my mind. 

When customers wear and wash clothing and then try to return it the conversation goes something like this. 

Customer: I'd like to return this sweater. It fell apart when I put it in the washing machine.

Employee: I'm sorry, but we can't take back worn or washed items.

Customer: Actually, wait. No, I didn't wash it. I didn't even wear it. It must've just fallen apart in the bag.

8. Watching over a freshly folded table like a mother lioness guarding her babies. Hi. How are you? Need a size? Let me get that for you! 

9. Constantly having to restrain yourself from yelling, "We are about to close!" Making it in the door right before we lock them should not be incentive to browse for 10 minutes and then try on for 30 minutes. We're vacuuming, taking out the trash, and the music is off; do you not get the hint or are you just choosing not to take it?

10. Walking into a messy dressing room, hearing what you think is horror movie music playing in the background, and holding back tears. Why? Just why!

11. Just like some color blind people who can't see shades of red or green, most customers can't seem to see, "PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH. DISPLAY ONLY" signs.

12. Holding a special place in your heart for customers who hang the clothes they try on back on the hanger. 

13. The mind-numbing boredom you experience on a slow day.

14. Wishing you had a prerecorded statement  for when customers ask for your business hours and return policy. 

15. When customers complain that, "this shirt is so much cheaper elsewhere," you wish you could remind them that you don't make the prices. 

16. Becoming so sick of songs that most people love because they play on a loop at the store where you work. Pop Hits Pandora station is the soundtrack to my misery. 

17. When customers yell at you for something no longer being in stock. 

18. When you're holding mounds of hung and unhung clothing, clearly trying to waddle your way across the floor to put them all back in their right locations, and customer asks you to find something for them.

19. "There's no price tag on these pants; that means they're free, right?"

20. Dealing with just plain downright mean customers. 

Despite all of these struggles, we  manage to stay friendly, keep a smile on our face, and encourage you to, "Take care and please come again!"

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