20 Signs You and Your BFF Are Actually Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins

20 Signs You and Your BFF Are Actually Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins

How to tell if you've found your beautiful, tropical fish of a friend

If you're a fan of Parks and Rec, then you are familiar with the iconic friendship of Leslie Knope and Ann Perkins. Their chemistry as friends is undeniable. They were brutally honest with one another, fought like sisters, gave the most random compliments and had an amazing bond, becoming a portrait of the perfect friendship-- an image that all best friends seek to emulate. So, if you and your BFF are like Leslie and Ann, then the following 20 things are probably true for you as well.

1. You're attached at the hip.

You stick together no matter what, and nothing will ever change that. People can't think of one of you without the other. You do literally everything together, and your best friend is the first person you go to with new, exciting news or when you need to vent.

2. You're constantly worried about their well being.

No matter how big or small an issue is, you hate it when your best friend is upset about anything. You constantly need updates about what's going on, and you work to do everything you can to make it better. The perk of being best friends is that you know exactly what will make her feel better-- whether it be a taste of her favorite food, a Netflix binge or a long talk.

3. Forget having to find a date for an event; you can always count on your best friend to let you drag them along.

Even if it takes a little bribing sometimes, you don't have to go stag to any concerts, fancy events or movies.

4. You're always complimenting one another.

Whether it be a nice note about their outfit or something sappy and sincere, you compliment each other about everything under the sun, and they are always heartfelt.

5. You help each other reach your full potentials.

You are constantly pushing one another to reach the goals you set-- even if they're a little far-fetched. You believe in each other, and you make sure that your best friend knows how much you want her to succeed. You kind of become a soccer mom in this sense, acting as the cheerleader on the sidelines as you offer support in the form of food, cheesy notes, or positive, encouraging compliments.

6. You don't make any decisions without consulting your best friend first.

Should you buy a pair of Birkenstocks? Or should you use that money to buy more food? Life is full of decisions both big and small, but you always seek your best friend's advice first before you make any choices.

7. You dread the times when you have to part ways.

Whether it's for a few days or a few months, any time away from your best friend sucks. While you try to make up for the lost time with regular FaceTime dates, it's not the same as being face to face to discuss the highs and lows of your day.

8. And when you finally get to see each other again, it's a big deal.

Other people probably don't understand it, but your best friend time is important-- very important. So, when you are finally reunited, things are back to normal. You have your confidant, your movie buddy, your food date and your best friend back-- and nothing beats that.

9. If you like something, you make sure that your best friend loves it, too (even if they actually don't).

Whether it's your favorite book, movie or snack, if you love something, then your best friend is bound to love it, too. You make sure that they experience this thing that is so wonderful to you, sure that they will find it as great as you do. And if they don't, well...then you'll have a problem.

10. You're so close that some people think you're a couple.

You spend all of your time together, and you're practically the same person. You finish each other's sentences, you've memorized one another's fast food orders and you know just what to do to pick each other up when you're down.

11. You're brutally honest with one another.

You're past the point of worrying about hurting one another's feelings. You both speak your mind freely, sharing your thoughts, opinions or ideas. Does your best friend smell? You tell her. Does her dress actually look really weird on her? You tell her. Are you concerned about something serious? You tell her. There are no limits to your honesty.

12. You have plans for your future children to get married.

You have big plans for your future children. Even though you aren't related, you and your BFF are already planning on having your future families spend a significant amount of time together. For all they know, your kids will think that they are related.

13. Your closet is her closet.

You swap clothes regularly, and you usually find something in your closet that was not yours to begin with. Not only do you share clothes, but when you clean out your closet at the end of a season, you end up with an arm full of tops, jackets, or dresses that you think would be perfect for your best friend. You may not wear them anymore, but you are sure that your BFF would love them.

14. No one messes with your best friend.

And if they do, they will suffer then consequences. Period.

15. You are each other's ultimate encouragers.

You believe that your best friend is Wonder Woman. She can do absolutely anything, and you will be there to encourage her the whole time. When she is feeling down, you know just what to say to lift her up again, and vice versa.

16. You talk to each other about everything.

There is no topic that if off limits. You tell each other everything, and there are no secrets between you. She knows if you're having a bad day, who she needs to beat up on your behalf, if you're stressed or overwhelmed or if you just need to chat. You're both there for the ups and downs of life, and you will always make time to talk.

17. You have a ridiculous number of photos together.

You know that it's a problem when you're scrolling through your iPhone camera roll and every other picture is of you two. When it's her birthday, or National Best Friend Day, it's nearly impossible to choose just one photo to post on Instagram. Not only do you take a lot of pictures together, but you also have a huge selection of Snapchat screenshots to use for blackmail.

18. You're past the point of being embarrassed about anything around each other.

Honestly, you and your BFF are so open about everything, that you're at the point where nothing would surprise you. There are no filters to what you say, and you aren't embarrassed if you accidentally let out a fart. Literally, you or your best friend could say or do anything, and the two of you would laugh and move on. (Though you might be reminded of it later for kicks and giggles.)

19. You find yourself talking about your best friend all the time.

Oh, who is _______, you may ask? Let me tell you about her...

It's kind of become a problem how much you talk about your best friend. Every story you tell has her in it, and you've even picked up a couple of her mannerisms on accident. You take pride in your best friend, and you will crush anyone who says anything negative about her. (And that's not a threat, that's a promise.)

20. No matter what happens, where you go or how things change, you'll always be best friends.

Whether you are graduating from college, spending a semester abroad, getting married or moving apart, nothing will change. You know that your friendship is unique and something to treasure, so something like distance won't be able to change that. Whether you've known one another for a year or a lifetime, you've formed a friendship that you will cherish for the rest of your life. It may be full of weird inside jokes, too many fast food runs (and not enough real runs), obnoxious laughter or random compliments, it's a friendship that you will always be able to pick up right where it left off-- no matter how much or how little time has passed. And for that, you are forever grateful for the person who is the Ann Perkins to your Leslie Knope.

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