20 Things To Do When You Want To Avoid Schoolwork

Some days, no matter how productive you plan to be, you end up procrastinating regardless. Even if you were to sit down and do homework, it would be terrible quality, so is it even worth trying at that time? Your state of mind is just not in the right mode to do homework. Procrastinating and coming back to it later may actually be the best thing for you to do. I have always been the type of student to get their work done as soon as possible, but sometimes I just can't get my creative juices going. I have learned that taking a step back and coming back to my laptop later helps out more than forcing myself to get something asap.

Here is a list of things you can do to give your brain a break:

1. Go for a jog

Exercise is always a great choice.

2. Paint your nails

Every color in the world if it helps.

3. Write a list of things you enjoy

It'll always boost your mood.

4. Take an hour Netflix break

But in order to get some work done, you may need to limit yourself to just one episode.

5. Grab dinner with friends

You have to eat, right?

6. Go on a date with a cute boy

It will make your night, week, and month if it goes well!

7. Read a book you enjoy

Take a break from screens for a bit.

8. Take a nap

Warning: Make sure it's a friendly cat before you use one as a pillow.

9. Paint a canvas

Unleash your creative side.

10. Make some popcorn

Popcorn can cure everything.

11. Relax in a bubble bath

Nothing helps you get refreshed better than a hot bath.

12. Have a ten-minute dance party

Just let out some stress with a jig.

13. Organize your closet

That ghastly dress from fifth grade? Throw it out.

14. Go bug your roommate

They made need the distraction from homework too.

15. Attend an event on campus

There are other choices than sporting events, just pick something! Get out of that room and breathe in the fresh air.

16. Lay in bed

A clean room helps for a clean mind.

18. Call your mom

Just to chat, catch up, cry, and put off that paper a little bit more.

19. Surf the internet

Maybe you'll find some ideas, or maybe a new sweater.

20. Do anything but your homework

And inspiration and motivation will strike, but take a step back to get a fresh perspective.

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