The 19 Different Types Of Guys You'll Meet In College, No Exceptions
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The 19 Different Types Of Guys You'll Meet In College, No Exceptions

You know these to be true.

The 19 Different Types Of Guys You'll Meet In College, No Exceptions

1. The Try Hard.

Good kid, tries too hard. It's a little evident he wasn't the most popular in high school, and a little more evident that he always wanted to be. This guy will attempt to dress like his brothers, talk like his brothers, sneeze like his brothers and yawn like his brothers. He's probably a legacy at his fraternity, but it's more than likely that he will never live up to his father's reputation.

2. The Outdoorsy Guy.

You can spot him on your way to class with his Chacos on, his bright orange Patagonia hat, his PFG shirt, his Northface backpack, and of course, his pink shorts. You can spot him at a party wearing the same exact outfit, minus the backpack, maybe. This guy is so granola. He probably drives a truck, has fishing poles packed up and ready to go in the bed, and he definitely owns an Eno.

3. The Nice Guy.

This guy is the one you want to be best friends with. He is so funny and laid back, and not a single soul could ever say anything bad about him. He's like a brother to you and everyone else on campus. Need a go-to-date for formal? Call him up. Not only will he only show up--he'll be the most fun on the dance floor.

4. The Athlete.

How much do you bench? Where's the protein powder at? Oh you run? That's cool, I lift. Dude, Crossfit. Gym is love. Gym is life. Pain is weakness leaving the body. Swole.

5. The Class Clown.

The funniest guy on campus. Seriously, the funniest. You'll wonder why he doesn't have his own reality TV show. Literally the second he starts talking, everyone stops to listen to hear his next witty one-liner. You'll laugh so much around him that you'll pretty much have a six pack by the time he's done talking.

6. The Worst of the Worst.

Ladies, stay away. This guy is the biggest jerk you will ever meet. Holding the door for girls? “Heck no." Give you his jacket when you're freezing? “Um no go get your own." He's the kind of guy who takes shirtless mirror selfies and definitely instagrams them. His whole life revolves around one thing and one thing only: HIMSELF.

7. The Man Bun.

This guy thinks he's the most unique person you'll ever meet. He listens to music you've never heard of, watches low budget indie movies, thinks he's soooooo hipster, and oh yeah, he can sing. Does the man bun not speak for itself? This guy acts like putting a bun on his head was his idea. Ok “Sunshine", I hate to break it to you but you didn't start the trend. Sure, his luscious locks might be appealing at first, but don't be fooled. He's the same as everyone else.

8. The Sober Guy.

He doesn't drink. Ever. Whether it is for religious reasons or just a personal preference, this guy refuses. Don't mistake him for a guy who never goes out, however. Nope, this guy hits up every bar. AND he has a fake. He will rock that 21 and over wristband while playing cards against humanity, and sipping on his favorite drink- “water on the rocks."

9. The Pledge.

Poor guy. When was the last time he slept? Between having to be the designated driver for the brothers, cleaning up after parties, studying for tests, being at “the house" all the time, hitting up the library to get study hours in, and going to the gym, this kid has no time to breathe. If you're friends with a pledge, say goodbye to that friendship for a while. He has sold his soul to the fraternity now.

10. The Frat Star.

“HEY WHO DO YOU KNOW HERE?" he says as you enter his frat house. If you know someone who is his homie, you're in the clear. If you don't, “get out." Mismatched clothing and American flag sunglasses? He's rocking that all day every day. If you ain't talking frat life, he don't wanna talk.

11. The One in a Good “Long Distance Relationship."

He loves her. She loves him. He doesn't have many female friends for fear that his girlfriend's feelings will get hurt. They were high school sweethearts and blah blah blah. Don't ask him for a pencil if he sits next to you in class, because he'll probably just respond with “sorry I have a girlfriend."

12. The One in a Bad “Long Distance Relationship."

He has a girlfriend? I just saw him out with that girl in our biology class though! Oh? Oh crap. Oh, she's not his girlfriend. Oh my gosh, Becky.

13. The Not-So-Frat Frat guy.

He only joined a fraternity because he heard that the meal plans were better than any other dining options on campus. He's just your average Joe.

14. The Socially Awkward Hermit.

I don't think he ever leaves his room. This guy is never seen by anyone, but his roommate tells us he exists. Apparently this guy has somehow managed to survive only on ramen noodles and constantly playing some sort of video game on his computer for the entire year. Does he even go to class? No one knows.

15. The In-State.

His accent is the strongest in the entire school. He has bumper stickers on his car reppin' his state. He knows the state capital, the state motto, the state song, the state bird, the state tree, the state flower, the state horse, the state nut, the state freshwater fish, the state saltwater fish, the state amphibian, the major rivers, the major lakes, the highest point, the number of counties, and everything else you thought you didn't need to know about the state: HE KNOWS.

16. The Out-of-State.

This guy is from so far away that he basically had to adjust his whole lifestyle. It's like talking to a Martian. His lingo is totes diff from ours brah. He abbreviates everything and he also has the audacity to think that Chacos are chocolate covered tacos.

17. The Clingy One.

*Phone buzzes*. Yes, omg, is that another favorite on my tweet? Oh, wait, no, it's him again. Ugh. “Hey wanna hang out?", “Hey whatcha up to?", “Hey you look like you're having a lot of fun based on your Snapchat story, can I join you?", “Hey I like you", “Hey I think I'm in love with you", “Hey I just wrote a 7-page paper, double spaced, in Times New Roman 12 point font, and in MLA format about my love for you." “Hey, why are you reading and not responding?" “Hey." Please hop out of my notification center, buddy.

18. The RA.

This guy couldn't care any less about anything you do. Play music a little too loudly? That's ok. This RA is probably jamming along to Miley Cyrus with you from outside your room. He most likely never wants to actually get anyone in trouble, because that would require actually filling out a form, and he isn't about that. He really just wanted the free room.

19. The One Whose Number is Somehow in Your Phone BUT YOU HAVE NO CLUE WHO HE IS.

Felipe Casasfranco if you're out there and reading this…how on earth do I know you?

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