18 Slang Words To Teach Your Family Over Summer Vacation
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18 Slang Words To Teach Your Family Over Summer Vacation

Gotta keep the fam up to date.

18 Slang Words To Teach Your Family Over Summer Vacation
Taylor Kahn

So, you're home and bored for four months. You have a job and some high school friends left, but being home for the summer just isn't as much fun as being at college is. In order to cure your boredom (and have things to talk to your parents about), here are some cool "hip" words you can teach them while you're home! They're going to ruin them, but they were fun while they lasted.


This simply just means, "you're right." But this sounds better. This is usually used when you're having a disagreement with someone and they pull out a fact or a statement that you just can't argue with. Like you're talking about why mac and cheese is a better food than chicken parm, but they start talking about all the delicious qualities chicken parm as to offer, so you say, "u rite u rite."

2. "U ain't wrong"

This means the same as "U Rite U Rite" but is used differently. This is when someone states a fact like, "Parks and Rec is a hilarious TV show." and you would respond with, "well, u ain't wrong." It flows better in this instance than "U Rite U Rite." Deciding when it is appropriate to use "U ain't wrong" instead of "U Rite U Rite" is challenging, but I know that eventually you're entire fam will get the hang of it.

3. "Fuego"

This is literally Spanish for "hot." Instead of saying that someone looked "nice" you would say," damn girl, you're lookin' fuego." Food can also be described as "fuego" when it's really good. Use this word and you're sure to look extra douchey, but HEY so worth it.

4. "ECall"

This means "Emergency Call." It's like the new "SOS." But when you use this you're probably not in a real emergency. Your emergency is something like the guy you like texted you, or you don't know what to wear to the darty tomorrow.

5. "Ass milk"

When something is absolutely terrible you can refer to it as "ass milk". I don't know why you'd want to, but you can. For example, "the turn out for the party last night was absolute ass milk," which simply means that the turn out was terrible.

6. "Tittied"

This means "drunk." In context, "we're going to get TITTIED tonight!" This one might not be as family friendly and it's absolutely obnoxious, but HEY it's still a thing some places with some people.

SYNONYMS: There are a bunch of other synonyms for "tittied," such as, lit as tit, obliterated, annihilated, and lit as hell.

7. "Darty"

This is just the combination of the words "day" and "party." So, a "darty" is a party that takes place during the day time. Darties aren't very popular after college, but if you're family learns this word, you won't have to ever take the time to say "day party" in your lifetime ever again!!!!

8. "Satur-yay"

This is just "Saturday" but with a twist. Everyone knows that Saturdays are the best, which is why they are now called "Saturyays." This is dumb and will probably annoy everyone you say this to, but please keep saying it!

9. "Boolin"

Made famous by the Bloods, this word literally means "coolin." This is used instead of words like "relaxing" or "chillin." An example would be, "we're out here boolin." Please never use this word, like ever.

10. "V"

Short for "very." This word, or well letter, is used in place of the word "very." So, one would say, "I like that shirt v much on you." Using "V" instead of the entire word, "very" cuts down on your speaking time by maybe one whole second and that is v important.

11. "WOAT"

The opposite of "GOAT," "WOAT" means "Worst of all time." This is an insult and should only be used if someone is terrible, but is probably most frequently used when someone does something minor like spills a little bit of their drink on your at a bar or something.

12. "Y DOE?"

This means, "why though?" and it can be used whenever someone says something kind of dumb or does something kind of dumb or impulsive. You just kind of look at the person and say to them, "Y doe?" it's like "why you gotta do/say that?" but short and sweet and it makes you sound dumb and makes people ask "Y doe?" to you saying "Y Doe?"

13. "W/L"

"W" stands for "win" and "L" stands for "loss." Sometimes we take the W and sometimes we take the L, it all depends on the circumstance.

14. "Aesthetic"

This means general appearance. When something/someone has an overall "aesthetic" it can be either good or bad, for example, Rihanna has a v prominent aesthetic, and that is a v good thing.

NOTE: See how I combined two different slang words in one sentence?

15. "Trash/Garbage"

This is used when you or someone you know does something obscene, such fall in the middle of a target, or break the beer pong table. You would say, "you were such trash/garbage the other night when you tripped over someone's shoelace and took a nose dive into so-and-so's tv." You can also say, "based on the events of last night, you belong in a dumpster." THUS referring to the person as trash/garbage.

NOTE: Trash and garbage can be used interchangeably.

16. "WOKE"

This means aware. You will commonly see woke being used as the saying "STAY WOKE" which means "stay aware" or "stay intelligent." This phrase is important, especially when looking at who our country elected president, so PEOPLE IT IS IMPORTANT TO STAY WOKE.

17. "Fam"

You can call literally anyone you know, "fam." Short for, "family," this word simply means "dude." Used like, "hey fam, can you grab the glass off the top shelf for me please?" or "thanks, fam" or "gotchu, fam" this is an easy word to get the hang of and a v good place to start, fam.

18. "RT"

This is short for "retweet" which is what you do on twitter to other people's tweets when you really like them and want them on your timeline, buuuut now "RT" means "same" or "i agree." Used in context, it looks like this: "did you see so-and-so's new hair cut? I really like it!!" "RT! It looks so good!"

If you want to learn more slang, check out my article Slang Words To Teach Your Family Over Winter Break and you won't be disappointed.

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