17 Ways to be a Eco-Friendly Broke College Student

Since I've been taking Environment Science this semester, I've been thinking of ways that college students can try to be more environmentally friendly. So here's a list that I'm sure you could add to if you really wanted too!

Use reusable bags

This one is pretty easy and everyone should be trying to switch to using reusable bags by now. Not only is it good for the environment, but it saves you money, space (don't have to keep wasting plastic), and won't break on you easily.

Grow basic foods

I put this one down even though I can't grow much without killing it. But potatoes are easy to grow as well as carrots and other basic veggies.

Use reusable plates and silverware

Turn off lights when you leave a room


Take quicker showers

Get a water filter instead of plastic bottles

It can also help your tap water taste better if you have weird tasting water like it does at our school.

Walk or ride a bike where you can

This is especially useful if you're already a student without a car. But not only is it good exercise, its good for the environment.

Buy from local farmers

Your food will taste fresher, you know where it comes from, and it supports your community.

Get textbooks/books/magazines, etc digitally.

Let's face it, textbooks are expensive no matter how you get them. But if you get them digitally, you not only save space in your backpack, but it means less weight to carry, saves paper, and you can usually access them from any device.

Invest in a pair of reusable pads, tampons, or diva cups.

Girls, I know it seems gross to do this, but not only can it help us save money in the long run (the tampon tax is real ya'll), but you won't be throwing away so many pads and tampons.

Wash in cold water

In Japan, I got used to doing this because our water temperature was so erratic, plus it was freaking hot constantly. But I'd recommend every time you get in the shower, don't turn it so hot and you'll eventually get used to it.

Invest in some plants

Studies have shown that seasonal depression is a thing. With winter coming up, invest in some hard to kill plants like cactus or get some fake flowers even and put them in your room. It'll help it look more lived in, keep your air cleaner/smell better, and will help fight the blues. Plus, studies have shown plants grow better when you talk to them, so chat away at that plant. Therapy plants.

Use less paper.

Take notes on a tablet or your computer and advocate to turn homework in digitally rather than in paper.

Start a community garden

Honestly, we could get some free food out of this. Plus, it's better for us and we could grow whatever we wanted.

Use less plastic

You don't realize how much plastic you use until you start to consciously pay attention (hint: It's a lot).

Buy eco-friendly products.

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