17 Ways To Bring In 2017
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17 Ways To Bring In 2017

In case you still aren't sure how to celebrate!

17 Ways To Bring In 2017

There is no set way on how you are supposed to bring in the new year! Partying isn't for everyone, so for those of you looking for a great, fun alternative to celebrate, here are 17 ways to bring in 2017!

1) Build a best friend fort.

Become a little kid again! Share some of your favorite memories from the year, laugh about all the stupid things you did that you wouldn't change, and talk about what you're looking forward to in the new year. There is no better way to finish one year and begin the next with your best friends by your side!

2) Watch the ball drop.

Whether it be at home cuddled up in fuzzy pajamas or bundled up in coats and scarves in New York City, there's nothing quite like counting down from 10 and watching the year change right before your eyes.

3) Babysit

Because who couldn't use a little extra cash? It's a late night, so you're bound to make a few more dollars per hour than normal, on top of the fact that the hours will be long.

4) Board games and puzzles

Get some competition going! It's a friendly (well, depending on who you play with!) way to get lively energy flowing in the room. And hey! You could start off the year with a win in your back pocket!

5) Bake a cake

Or a pie. Or some cookies, too. You know, bake it all! It's 2017's birthday, celebrate! You can postpone that resolution to eat healthy for just one more day...

6) Watch a movie

Cuddle up with your loved ones, a blanket, and some popcorn, and just relax! Who says you have to go big when you can just stay home and relax?

7) Sleep

Who says you have to stay awake? You can celebrate when you wake up!

8) Karaoke

There's no rule saying you have to sound good to have fun! Grab the mic (or a hairbrush) and belt that song at the top of your lungs!

9) Go for a drive

Whether by yourself or with a loved one, take in the last of 2016 with a simple drive around your hometown and appreciate all that it's given you to remember. Memory lane is never a bad route to take.

10) Kiss someone

Kiss that special someone in your life when the clock strikes midnight!

11) Make your New Year's resolutions

Chances are you'll only stick with them for the first month, but it's the thought that counts.

12) "Chopped," home edition

How to play: gather up some people and divide into teams, come up with some random ingredients from your pantry and fridge, set a timer, and begin! See who can come up with the best meal! Or the best mess.

13) Watch fireworks

Start the year off with a bam! And a pop! And a bang! And some pretty colors, of course!

14) Go to the beach or the pool

Depending on where you live, you can jump into 2017 with a splash! If you live somewhere that's too cold, you can always stay at a hotel for the night and swim in the heated indoor pool!

15) Ice skating

You're bound to fall down once or twice, but it'll make for some great laughs. Bundle up, you might get chilly!

16) Do nothing

Sit on your butt and do absolutely nothing. After an entire year of being on your feet, you deserve a break, so take it!

17) Watch Hank Green's "17 Rants in 4 Minutes" video

17 rants to start off 2017, am I right? I'm not even ashamed to admit that I can almost recite the whole thing by heart. Best Youtube video ever, and quite relatable. Gah!

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