I think its safe to say a lot of people in this world like coffee. Some are Starbucks lovers, some are Dunkin lovers and others just really like coffee.

1. You are willing to wait in huge lines.

No matter how long the line is, I will wait in it. Even if it wraps all the way around the UConn Student Union.

2. You know the exact price of your coffee.

$2.54 for my medium iced caramel swirl with milk at UConn. $2.99 for the same drink at one place at home and $2.89 at that other place at home that I frequently visit. Do you know how much yours is or is it just me?

3. You get iced coffee in -15 degree weather.

Living in "the windy city" of Storrs, it is always freezing yet we always get iced coffee. Even if there is a giant blizzard guarantee we still get iced coffee. Occasionally you will see people get a large hot cup to put their medium iced cup in!

4. You plan your day around Dunkin.

I know the exact time I get dunkin everyday. I wake up and plan what time works for me to go get it. I wait patiently for the time I get to sip the delicious Dunkin iced coffee. I know the times when the lines are long and the times where there is barely a line.

5. If you don't get your Dunkin, your day feels off.

On the off days I am not graced with my coffee, you do not want to get on my bad side. It will not be nice. Even if your on my good side, it may not be a good time. My day is incomplete without it. People question me if I don't get it.

6. You get Dunkin gift cards for birthdays and holidays.

Some people ask for clothes or toys or shoes. I ask for Dunkin gift cards. My friends and family know to just get me gift cards because they know the money they give me will be spent on coffee anyway.

7. You don't give Starbucks the time of day.

Some people prefer Starbucks over Dunkin....those people are wrong. Dunkin is cheaper and so much better. Just no.

8. You always have a Dunkin cup in your hand.

Walking around campus you always have your coffee in hand. When one isn't in your hand you get questioned.

9. You only have Dunkin K-Cups.

For the people who are graced with a Keurig the only K-Cups that you own are none other than Dunkin Donuts K-Cups. Don't even try with Starbucks K-Cups.

10. You're a loyal perks member.

I value the Dunkin Donuts perks. You get free drink coupons and so many amazing deals. The way I see it, you're spending the money anyways, you might as well just get yourself a gift card and upload it to the perks app. Its a win-win situation!

11. You get withdrawal if you're not on the east coast.

Dunkin Donuts is only on the East Coast. Leaving gives you such withdrawal. Don't even think about suggesting Starbucks. I don't understand how people not on the East Coast survive and, honestly, I never want to find out.

12. You anxiously await the month where there are $1.99 medium Lattes.

It is literally my favorite time of year. I love Lattes but they are super expensive so when the month comes where they are $1.99, you bet I'm all over that and I hope you take full advantage of it too.

13. Your car has a million Dunkin napkins and bags.

With the many many many Dunkin trips comes the many many many Dunkin cups, bags, and napkins. It's inevitable that your car doesn't get dirty with all of these Dunkin things.

14. Your excuse for when your cranky is "I haven't had Dunkin yet."

People get cranky especially in the morning. For most people it is because they haven't had their coffee yet. I know if I didn't have my coffee yet, I am not a happy camper.

15. You go back to get seconds and thirds throughout the day.

It doesn't only give you energy, but it tastes good too! Especially if you get a flavor (I LOVE caramel). So yes, I may go back a few times throughout the day to get more.

16. All of your money is spent on coffee.

I am a broke college student yet most of my money is spent on Dunkin. I am truly afraid to look at my bills and see how much I have spent on Dunkin in this past year. Ever since I came to college, I drink so much more.

17. You root for football teams you hate in hope of getting the free coffee if they win.

I'm a Jersey girl so I will always be a New York fan but I will always have a little hope inside me that the Patriots win because that means Free Medium Iced Coffee for everyone!! And trust me when I say I hate the Patriots, but they bring me free coffee so go them! (JK Go New York!!!)

America truly runs on Dunkin. I know I do! It gives me life...literally. Coffee is a great thing to get you up and going and to get your mind off of all of your responsibilities. Its like heaven in a cup. I don't know what I would do without my "Daily Dunks!"