The 17 People You Meet In A Mass Lecture
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Student Life

The 17 People You Meet In A Mass Lecture

You are bound to have some these characters in your class. Which are you guilty of?

The 17 People You Meet In A Mass Lecture

One thing almost all college students can relate to is those agonizing mass lectures for gen eds. Nobody wants to take those classes but we all have to. The thought of being in a class with 200+ students can be very intimidating at first, but it's really not so bad. Just sit back and watch the people in your class and you are sure to find some if not all of these characters in your class. Which one of these are you guilty of?

1. The teacher's pet.

This is the person that laughs at all of the professor's corny jokes, answers all of his/her questions, and just makes the rest of us roll our eyes on a daily basis.

2. The one that thinks they're smarter than the professor.

You know the type. They argue every point the professor brings up. God forbid the professor does make one small mistake because this person will never let them live it down. Professors are human too, so chill, dude.

3. The one that asks long, agonizing questions 30 seconds before class lets out.

If you have the guts to ask a question in a mass lecture class, props to you. It's a very nerve-racking thing to do. Just do us all a favor and don't ask your question that requires a 10-minute explanation 30 seconds before class lets out on a Friday.

4. The one that plays their music too loud. Those ear buds aren't helping, buddy.

You might as well just unplug your headphones because we all know you're listening to the Spice Girls, it is not a secret.

5. The ghost student that only shows up on test days.

The day of a test always has the highest attendance, especially if the professor puts their slides online. You're practically telling the lazy ones stay home.

6. The person that shows up/leaves halfway through class.

Some people just can't handle an hour of learning.

7. The fidgeter with a loud seat.

Of course the person that can't sit still always sits in the loudest chair.

8. The person that sits in your unassigned seat.

Everyone knows that you're supposed to sit in your respective unassigned seat. But, when one of the ghost students shows up unexpectedly and takes your seat, it throws off the whole class. Now you have to take someone else's seat and the cycle goes on, making everyone irritated.

9. The loudmouth that comments on everything the professor says.

Please stop, the professor was nice the first week of classes and would smile and nod at you but now he/she is getting annoyed. And he/she is not the only one.

10. The group of girls that talk constantly.

Nobody wants to hear about the boy you hooked up with last Thursday night because you were blackout drunk. I just want to get through sociology.

11. The person online shopping on their laptop in front of you.

You just make me want to tap on your shoulder to give you my opinion on the sweater you're buying, because the red one would go so much better with your hair color.

12. The sleeper.

This one is pretty entertaining for the rest of us, who are waiting to see what weird position you'll fall asleep in in this class. By the way, the professor makes jokes about you when you're sleeping and even the laughter doesn't wake you up..

13. The snacker.

We have probably all been this person. Snacking is an important staple in a college kid's life and well, sometimes, you can't help it.

14. The one that reminds the professor about homework.

If you want to get 200+ students to turn on you instantly, this is how.

15. The "mom" of the class that has everything imaginable in her bag.

I am guilty of being this person. I have four-course meals of snacks in my bag. You get a paper cut while taking notes? I have Band-Aids. You need eye drops? I'm your girl.

16. The one that tries to write down every single word the professor says.

I swear some people write down when the professor sneezes. Learn to pick out important topics to write down, especially if they say it twice or say that it's important (duh). Then go back into your textbook and read more about it rather than rushing to jot it all down.

17. The one on their phone.

We are all probably guilty of checking our phones during class but some people just sit on it and browse Instagram, Twitter, etc. The only upside to this is when they accidentally watch a Snapchat story with sound. We all know that embarrassment.

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