17 Things You Hate If You Work In Retail

I started my journey in retail in March and let me tell you, I have never seen and witnessed so many disrespectful people. I think thought the food industry was bad! There are so many things people don't really think about while shopping or think they're being clever, but really they're not and it will only come back to bite them (we can hope anyway).

Here are the struggles of every retail associate:

1. Leaving the clothes you've tried on in the fitting room after we ask you to place it on the "go-back" rack.

Seriously, people. Just do as we ask you to do...

2. Returns on stuff you've worn.

Yes, we can tell you've worn it. Yes, we technically still have to accept the return.

3. You getting mad at us because we can't give you your money back even though we're offering you in-store credit.

We are still giving you something at least!

4. Not giving us your email.

I understand that you already get the emails, but I need to meet my boss' quota.

5. "Hiding" things so you can "come back and get it later."

Just ask us to hold it! I promise you, we will.

6. Leaving the shoe boxes all over the place instead of giving us the box to put back.

We don't bite. We know that you don't do this at your house, but just be a nice person and say thanks, but no thanks.

7. Asking us to "check the back" even though we put the merchandise out as soon as we get it.

Especially if I've already told you that we don't keep products in the back.

8. Getting upset with us when we don't have your size in something.

We only get so many sizes of things, but if you really wanted it, you can check online. If you need it that evening, you shouldn't have waited until the last minute.

9. Being on the phone during check out.

Seriously, this is so rude.

10. Not answering us when we ask if we can help you in any way.

Yeah because I love to be ignored!

11. Stealing, obviously.

Just... don't do it.

12. Not putting things back from where you got it even though you're literally two feet from it.

Yes, I see you. Yes, I will approach you and get it from the wrong rack onto which you out it and put in the right place then look at you again. Yes, I'm that petty.

13. Not putting things back on the hangers.

If it came on a hanger, just put it back on???

14. Leaving your trash in the store.

Ask us to throw it away, seriously. We'd much rather do it then than have to do it when we're closing up shop.

15. Leaving without your receipt.

I know that it's just a piece of paper, but this goes back to returns. We can't give you your money back without a receipt.

16. Being loud and rambunctious which drives other customers out of the store.

Not only is it rude, it is also disrespectful to us and other customers.

17. Coming in the store 5 minutes before close saying "I'll be quick!" and staying for 20 minutes.

We know that we aren't closed yet, but we also know that you're not going to be quick like you say.

If you think any of these are appropriate to say or do, then please just stick to online shopping!

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