You know when you've had a terrible day? Week? Maybe even month? It can be hard to acknowledge or even want to talk about with people. Even if you are fortunate to have those who will lend a pair of listening ears or offer some consoling words, it can be hard to admit when you're losing your shit.

It can even start to feel repetitive or that you feel the energy literally draining out of you just by even talking about how stressed or upset you are. This is why I have come up with some alternative phrases you can use to get across just how truly frustrated you are feeling. It may not make your situation better, but at least it will help you better communicate with others how you are actually feeling and not to mess with you.

1. I’m swimming in a sea of stress and even Netflix can’t help me swim ashore.

2. I am Fiona Gallagher who has just found out her fiancee she was just supposed to walk down the aisle to has been shooting up heroin again and I am now sitting on a bench in the freezing snow in a wedding dress stressed right now.

3. I have to schedule time in my weekly planner to call my mom, hang out with my friends, shower, and eat.

4. I’ve worn the same socks for the past four days and I’m convinced that people will forever judge me for it, but now I also feel compelled to see how long it will last because it just might be my new legacy.

5. I haven’t done my laundry in three months, my room is a mess, but I finished reading two hundred pages of Freud and three plays so that’s something.

6. I’m so worried about everything that I have to do tomorrow that what’s the point of me getting out of bed? Ever?

7. I’m tired just looking at my schedule for tomorrow.

8. I am Lin Manuel Miranda forever writing and saving the world like I’m running out of time while starring in the show I created "Hamilton", writing music for "Moana", releasing "The Hamilton Mixtape", moving to London to star in the sequel of "Mary Poppins", while also being married and trying to raise my adorable musical prodigy son Sebastian.

9. I’m starting to believe that sleep doesn’t exist. That or just all of this that is my life so far has been a dream.

10. I wish I could talk right now but I’m too busy losing my mind because I have overbooked myself for the rest of the year.

11. I really want to hang out, but I have a session to scream my lungs out for fifteen minutes scheduled for Tuesday.

12. There is not enough alcohol, sugar, or caffeine in this world that could bring me back to life right now. Not even puppies.

13. I can’t decide what’s worse how my brain won’t shut off, my stomach won’t stop grumbling, my bed thinking I’ve broken up with it, or how even typing on my laptop hurts my arms.

14. I don’t have time to care and be an actual human and do human things like have fun, go outside, or relax.

15. I am Lady Gaga forever singing "Perfect Illusion" on repeat because I was definitely caught up in the show thinking I had anything together right now.

16. And of course, the classic everything is meaningless and I am dying.