16 Black Creators That You Should Support This Pride Month
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16 Black Creators That You Should Support This Pride Month

"I wanted to start a revolution, using art to build the sort of society I myself envisioned" --Yayoi Kusama

16 Black Creators That You Should Support This Pride Month

The following BIPOC creators inspire many in their field, be it digital or physical. Especially during this Pride month, where the community is losing their rights, it is important to support these individuals that uplift the LGBT+ community or are a part of it.

Stuzo Clothing

A women owned brand that creates a space in fashion where all are welcome inspired by love, people, and life. This brand is gender-free and non-conforming


A custom designed t-shirt that reads "Trans Is Beautiful". A portion of the sales goes towards the "Werk Those Pecs", a Transgender Surgery Fund.

Black Queer Nation

This group advocates for the Black LGBTQIA+ Community and gets their funds through their various apparels like tshirts and face masks

E. Jaguar Beckford

An apparel line for both masculine and feminine identified, it has a range of both casual and formal wear for everyone alike. The designs are created by a Black woman, E. Jaguar Beckford, that reuses materials to keep the line as green as possible


This Black owned accessory store has different earrings and necklaces that you can wear this pride month! Support the variety of beautiful art that you can wear on your body


This Black artist makes adorable pixel art and pins. You can find their commission pricing on their twitter or check out their etsy store!


Although taking a break currently, this artist can be commissioned to do various works (within lines of their terms and service). They've done zines, game designs, and soon will be moving onto merchandise!


They have a lot of beautiful art prints available or can be DM'd for commission info. They draw a lot of inspiration from traditional style artwork


This BIPOC queer artist has various prints that range from drawings and photography. Their prints will make a strong political stance and be a beautiful piece wherever.

King Kuma

An artist who is Tired. But he's got a small store that you can decorate your laptop or house with. One of them is a redraw of the recent sailor moon challenge!


This artist is known for their Kirby gijinkas and being the concept artist for Division by Zero. Check out their twitter for information on their character designs.


This artist knows how to feature a piercing gaze within her art. Having many interests, be sure to DM for the details of a commission

I am We Creations

Do you love the moon? Well this artist loves to showcase the moon in various pride flags, that are wearable as pins! The best part is that they will be donating a dollar per item that is ordered.


Currently not taking commissions but I personally love the detail that the background contains. Support them through their Ko-Fi account as they work through this tough time.

Liz Dantzler

Got a passion for education? This artist does as well. They are trying to begin a webcomic this year but they also have an etsy store that you can order some stickers this pride month!

Etsy Story: https://www.etsy.com/shop/eekscorner

High Elo Girls

This visual novel is about an amateur team chasing esport glory. And did I mention it's free? The novel features various POC characters BUT a member of the development team is a hard working queer Black women

Black Lives Matter. Trans Rights are Human Rights.

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