1. Drink 1 glass of water right as you wake up in the morning.

You haven't hydrated yourself for about 8 hours and this will help you wake up.

2. Drink water with every meal.

You might hate it but you need it. Drinking soda is the worst while eating because you actually end up drinking more than needed.

3. Practice 5-30 minutes of Yoga daily.

YouTube is a magical place. Search up "Yoga Videos," lay down a towel, and give yourself some time. Your body will feel better and you will feel less stressed.

4. Snack healthier!

I love potato chips too, but try to replace junk snacking with healthy snacking.

Empty your pantry of any unhealthy foods to resist temptation.

Give this chart a try!

6. Find time to exercise.

Crank some music in your ears and go for a jog. It's a great stress reliever.

7. Make sure your meals consist of a healthy amount of vegetables.

EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! Do not grab seconds of anything else unless you eat your full serving of vegetables. NEVER STARVE YOURSELF! Just change your eating habits and add healthier foods to your daily diet.

I find it beneficial to eat a large salad before eating anything else because, if you get full, at least you are getting full on something that is good for you and your body.

8. Replace dessert with fruit.

Who doesn't love dessert?! Grab a heaping bowl of fruit to satisfy your sweet tastebuds.

You can make fruit smoothies or find Do-It-Yourself frozen yogurt recipes.

9. Find healthy ways to relieve stress.

Go for a walk, meditate or even paint! Find an activity you love and run with it.

10. Take a step back from social media.

Social media can actually take a toll on your mind. Put the technology away, just stare at nature for a bit, and enjoy the moment you are in.

Snap a photo, put down the phone while you are out, enjoy and absorb your surroundings! You will find that you are happier this way.

11. Manage your time.

Invest in a large whiteboard calendar and a week calendar. Use these to write down important events for the month and, for every weekend, write down important tasks needed to be done each day of the week. It's actually less stressful and saves you more time when you have a plan for yourself, instead of procrastinating and doing last minute tasks. This will lead you to have time for winding down from each day.


Give yourself a spa night once a week. Pamper yourself by taking a hot bath, exfoliating your body, and even trying new mud face masks. Maybe, even find a massaging tool and give yourself some time with that.

13. Stay away from people who suck.

Don't surround yourself with fake friends, it's just not worth it.

Don't have people who put you down around you.

You are NEVER stuck with someone, there is always a way out! Walking away is easier if you mentally strengthen yourself for it.

You are in control of your life.

14. Stimulate yourself with knowledge.

Knowledge is power. Pick up a book or just start googling about cultures, religions, scientific discoveries, DIYs, cooking, math or anything you feel like learning about.

College textbooks are expensive if they are brand new, but I guarantee you can find a cheaper, secondhand book that's a couple years old.

It could become handy someday.

15. SLEEP!!

Give yourself time to sleep. Plan to go to bed early, this way you are fully rested for the next day. Getting 8-9 hours of sleep is suggested but any amount could be enough to make you feel happier and have more energy.