15 Ways Leslie Knope Understands College
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15 Ways Leslie Knope Understands College

All hail the creator of Galentine's Day

15 Ways Leslie Knope Understands College
The Odyssey

I have always been a fan of female comedians (see my valentines day article about Mindy Kaling here) and Amy Poehler is definitely one of my favorites. I have read her book, "Yes Please!" and have just finished binge-watching "Parks and Recreation" on Netflix. As I was watching Parks and Rec I fell in love with her character, Leslie Knope. Leslie is such a strong and hard working woman and is a great role model for all women. In a time when many female comedians rely heavily on their sex appeal and use their womanhood as an excuse for things, Leslie does the exact opposite. She is also hilarious. I've made a list of 15 times she understands college life.

1. She understands how to pick the perfect outfit for chapter/class presentations/job interviews:

2. When you have a date party coming up and you make it your mission to find a date for your perpetually single friend:

3. When that person you've been crushing on finally asks you out on a date:

4. When the guy/girl you like is going out with someone else:

5. When you are forced to eat something healthy during Fried Friday:

6. When something good happens to your not-so-favorite person:

7. Your reaction to about 98 percent of what your professor for your hardest class says:

8. When you go to the Health Center and have to explain to the nurse what's wrong with you:

(You wouldn't waste your time there unless the situation was dire)

9. When the weekend comes and you can finally sleep in:

10. When you have one roommate who is a major food stealer:

11. She understands the dating struggle:

12. Your plan for how to pay back the thousands of dollars in student loans:

13. When you check your phone the morning after having a little too much fun:

14. When you find out that you have two tests and a paper due on the same day:

15. Most importantly:

All images credited to Giphy.

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