15 Things You Actually WON'T Miss About Summer
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15 Things You Actually WON'T Miss About Summer

It’s all fun and games, until you get bitten by 30 mosquitoes.

15 Things You Actually WON'T Miss About Summer
Kylene Ronayne

Daylight is getting shorter. The weather is getting colder. Summer is ending and no one is overly thrilled about it. It may be easy to overlook some of the more exciting things to come in the fall and winter, especially when you’re used to basking in the warm, bright sun. However, there are, in fact, many things to look forward to, as well as some things that you may be excited to let go of as summer fades. Here are the things that everyone will NOT miss about the summertime.

1. Sunburn.


The bottles and bottles of aloe you’ve used are no longer needed in the budget. Though the tan lines may fade, your skin will finally be able to breathe.

2. The scalding heat.

Summer Heat

Consistently living in 90-degree weather is just plain exhausting. You will finally be able to walk outside and simply breathe, instead of losing slight consciousness because of the sun’s wrath.

3. Humidity.

Don't worry, the percentage of bad hair days will for sure significantly decrease.

4. Your thighs sticking to the seat & to each other.

Thigh Sweat

No more being humiliated when you stand up because your seat is drenched with butt sweat.

5. All sweat in general.

No more having to be self-conscious about armpit, underboob, or back sweat.

6. Hot cars.

“Oh great, my car says it’s 115 degrees in here, awesome.”

7. The constant smell of sweat and sunscreen.


Deodorant and sunscreen no longer have to be reapplied every hour.

8. Having to shave all the time.

Let those leg hairs grow out girl, you’ll be in sweatpants soon enough.

9. Having to be in shape all the time.


Stock up on food and earn a little extra layer of insulation to keep yourself warm through the winter. Bikini body no longer needed!

10. Having to shower all the time.

Committing to going outside in the summertime really means you’re committing to showering later too.

11. Being bored.

If you’re back at school, you will no longer have to worry about making plans when you’re bored. There will always be something to do to keep you busy.

12. Random downpours.

Getting caught in spontaneous thunderstorms without proper attire or an umbrella might be one of summer’s least attractive qualities.

13. Dehydration.

Now that you won’t be spending as much time in the scorching sun, your body will be able to rehydrate itself.

14. The terrible support of your flip-flops.

Let’s face it, we’ve all outgrown the $1 Old Navy flip flop sale. By the end of the summer, you might as well stick pieces of paper under your feet and call them shoes.

15. Mosquitoes.

“No mom, the mosquitoes don’t bite me because I’m ‘sweet,’ they do it because the Devil himself told them to.”
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