"Do you really need to buy that?" "Will you ever use it?" "How are you spending that much money?" These are all questions that people who are obsessed with shopping constantly get asked. Bored? You go shopping. Receive your paycheck? You go shopping. Have no money? You go shopping.

Being a person who is obsessed with shopping, you will go into one place looking for one specific item and then leave with half of the store; that's just the way it is!

And where is the go-to store? Target. It's always Target.

Personally, I definitely consider myself a shopping obsessor. I constantly go to Target looking for one item, for example, a set of pens, and leave with four new types of shampoo, six sweaters, pounds of school supplies I'll never use, and normally more than I can eat from the food aisles (this is a little dramatic...or maybe it's not...but you get the point).

What's the first thing you do when you walk into Target? The dollar section...obviously. Those shelves and baskets of items will single-handedly fill your cart and the price only makes you want them more.

If you're a true Target lover like I am, then you'll be able to completely relate to these:

1. You feel like you could star in a music video while walking down the aisles; it's heaven to you.

Work it. Work it. There's so much! Where do I begin?

2. You end up buying way more than you need...every single time.

I need salt and vinegar chips...that's all I need. Actually, I need this cereal too...and those cookies...and these gummy bears...I'll just take it all. I may need another cart.

3. You're forever surrounded by items you'll never use, but still buy.

I'll figure out a reason why I need to buy this later, but for now, I'm doing it. #NoRegrets

4. People always try to talk you out of buying half of the things you're holding.

Do you really need three new pairs of shoes and two new backpacks? What about those muffins and those stickers? Yes, I need all of this...and more. We're just getting started.

5. You're drawn to the sales, no matter what section they're in.

SALE. SALE. SALE. Let's buy it all! We have to. Socks are the last thing I need, but they're on sale!

6. You have to look through all of the aisles, even the most random ones.

Whether you end up in the baby clothes aisle or the pet food aisle, you'll find a reason to be there.

7. Just as your about to check out, you see something else you want.

Don't do it. Don't look up. Ugh, I looked up. Let's go back.

8. Your closet never seems good enough no matter how much stuff you buy, so you end up back at Target.

How do I have nothing to wear? I've gone shopping every day for the past two weeks.

9. It's your personal therapy.

Everyone and everything gets better; retail therapy is legit.

10. You'll find a reason why you need absolutely everything there.

I need this dog bed. I don't have a dog, but I might one day, so I need it. And that minion pillow, I need that. I don't want it, I need it. Don't even get me started on why I need that onesie and those Christmas lights.

11. When you can't physically go, you compromise with online shopping.

We might need some lessons on cutting back on money, but online shopping is there for a reason! When I can't go to Target, Target comes to me.

12. If you don't leave, you'll keep buying more, so you have to force yourself.

Keep walking. You can do this. Be strong.

13. The cashiers tend to give you weird looks because of how much you're buying and what you're buying.

Don't look at me like that. I know what I'm doing...kind of. Don't judge me.

14. Even though you buy half of the store, the price always seems to break your heart.

How is this possible?

15. Yet, you never fail to feel superior when you walk out (hours later).

I may have just spent more than I can financially afford, but it's worth it. I am worth it. How is it night time? I got here at 10:00am.

Other than shopping sadly destroying your bank account, it's always enjoyable! Buying new things, whether it's to match your outfit or for reasons you have yet to discover, it fills you with happiness. There's nothing wrong with that. Target is the place to go for absolutely anything.

It can be used as a type of retail therapy. Walking in is heavenly for you; it's like a whole new world that you're about to rip apart and purchase every bit of.

Now, since we're done here, let's go to Target.