15 Signs You Are From Savannah, Tennessee

15 Signs You Are From Savannah, Tennessee

It's quite a special place to live.

It's a tiny town with a population of about 7,100. You know the backroads, what grocery store is in what shopping center, and every word to "Eye of the Tiger." Here are some reasons why it's such a special place to live.

1. You’ve had to explain that you’re from Savannah, Tenn., not Georgia.

2. When people ask you where that is, you have to tell them that it’s about 20 minutes from Pickwick Lake.

3. When people ask you where that is, you have to explain that it’s where Tennessee, Alabama, and Mississippi meet.

4. Giving directions is easy: Wayne Road goes to Waynesboro. Pickwick Road goes to Pickwick. Florence Road goes to Florence.

5. Everyone is in a rush to get out of church so they can get a seat at Fish Hut.

6. Going to the movies isn’t really going to the movies if you don’t get the popcorn.

7. Walking the catwalk at the bridge is the epitome of high school adventures.

8. The true sign of a relationship is if you go to La Potasina together.

9. Your first time backing out on Main Street is terrifying.

10. You can’t listen to “Eye of the Tiger” without wanting to dance.

11. You swear after-school traffic is worse than rush hour in some cities.

12. If you don’t know what color shirt to order for your event, you just get maroon.

13. You think the tiny tiger statue at Jim Carroll Stadium is really silly, but you still love it.

14. You can imitate John Thomas’ voice from his famous snow day calls.

15. If you’re going to meet up with friends to go somewhere, it’ll be at either First Baptist or First Methodist -- sometimes, McDonald's.

Cover Image Credit: Savannah Main Street

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Why I Love And Give Thanks To My Grandma From Michigan

To my {cookie} grandma.

So, as promised Granny or shall I say my Cookie Grandma (I'll explain her nickname down below don't worry). It is my honor to be writing this a few days after your birthday. I can't wait to dive into what you mean to me. So let's get this party... I mean article started!

I have loved growing up with you. Even though there are some memories I was too little to remember, there are pictures to remember them by! But what I do remember is my visits to Michigan.

You always made sure I had something to eat for meals (even if we went to the Mark or you made mac and cheese). You also always made sure to make plenty of cookies and other treats for me to have!

I love that you care so much about me, my sister and my cousins. Even though we say and do some pretty crazy things sometimes, we do it with love I promise (and when I say we, I may mean me and Luke). You are a saint for letting our crazy into your door if I'm being honest and for that I thank you.

I thank you for all of the memories we have shared during summers and Christmases, even when you had to watch little kids that sometimes knew how to talk and walk.

I'm sorry I didn't follow in yours or moms footsteps as far as teaching/being with kids, but I have learned a lot from you over the years that I hope to instill in my future children (yes future... it'll be awhile)

Lastly, I just want to say that I love you very much. No matter what, I will always be here for you even though I'm miles away. The phone will continue to work both ways though, so don't feel afraid to call, I promise I will pick up!

Cover Image Credit: Maggie Kooi

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I Chose Not Have My Quinceañera And Don't Regret It

"You just don't want to push people into doing things that they really don't want to do. I don't think it's going to produce much" - William Scott

Growing up in Mexico, I was taken to Quinceañeras after Quinceañearas after Quinceañeras. I was always amazed by how beautiful they looked and the attention they got. I wanted that. Hence, I was only 5 and of course, I wanted to be the center of attention. I think that encouraged it more and I would dream about having one. I remember when my aunt had her quinceañera and I was part of it too. It was an amazing experience.

By now, you are probably thinking what is a Quinceañera? Well, a Quinceañera is a Hispanic or Latin tradition of celebrating a young girl’s coming of age- her 15th birthday. This signifies her transition from childhood to womanhood. It is a chance for a girl to feel like a princess, to wear that huge puffy dress and have all eyes filled with admiration for her. It’s her time to dance a graceful waltz for her audience and show she is no longer a child, but a woman.

Like I said before, I wanted all of that. But over time, my desire to have a Quinceañera began to fade away. By the age of 13, I felt that they were so overrated. I found no point in dressing up and putting a show for people who were just going to criticize. The only reason I knew this is, it’s because I had been to past quinceañeras and I would always hear people criticize the smallest details.

When I told my parents, I didn’t want a quinceañera, relief washed across their faces. Nevertheless, they proceeded to ask me again, and I said no. Family members would constantly ask why I didn’t want one. So, I would tell them that it was my decision and I wasn’t going to change it. I knew that we weren’t financially stable to have one --quinceañeras are very expensive-- and it did not feel right having one without the rest of my family who was in México. For that special day, I want them by my side, and I knew that there were certain circumstances that prevented them for doing so.

So, when October 2012 came around, I did not have a quinceañera and to this day I have no regrets. Yet, this didn’t stop me from having the father-and-daughter dance with my dad in the living room. That day I received a special present from my maternal grandparents who gave me a ring with the number 15 on it. It meant everything to me, and it still does.

However, there are times that I imagine being that girl: the one twirling on the dance floor wearing a beautiful, silk gown. But I do not mind leaving that girl behind because deep inside I knew she was not me.

So, for any young Latina girls who are uncertain at the moment. Here is a tip: if you decide to celebrate your quinceañera, go for it and enjoy it to the fullest because it’s a day you won’t forget. If you don’t want your quinceañera, it’s okay instead that day do something that it is meaningful to you. There is no right or wrong choice. Do what you think is best for YOU and don’t worry, your family will respect your decision and love you no matter what.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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