15 Reasons Why I Can't Wait For Summer
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15 Reasons Why I Can't Wait For Summer

No School, Good Food, And Good Activities. What Could Go Wrong?

15 Reasons Why I Can't Wait For Summer
Chelsie Mahaffey

Summer and warmer weather are right around the corner and let me tell ya, I cannot wait. Summer is the most amazing time of the year. No school, warm weather, outside activities, and did I mention NO SCHOOL. There are multiple opportunities to do all of the things. All of the outside activities, all of the people to see, all of the things to eat. I feel like nothing negative, with the exception of always having to shave my legs, comes from summer. There are 15 things that I love when it warms up outside and when summer comes around. Let me tell ya about them.

1. Bonfires

Bonfires are one of my favorite summer activities. There is almost nothing better than sitting around a fire with your friends chatting and making memories. Such an awesome summer activity.

2. Riding Bikes All The Time

My boyfriend and I love to ride our bikes. We got really into it last summer and ever since it has gotten cold, we have missed it. I cannot wait to ride around on my bike all summer and get exercise and fresh air all at the same time.

3. All The Theme Parks Open

I LOVE THEME PARKS. I am just gonna throw that out there. Give me all the roller coasters and all the rides. Kings Island, Cedar Point, any of them. I will definitely go.

4. Going For A Walk Or A Run Outside

Exercise is my absolute favorite. I love being able to go for a long walk and not freezing my face off and not have to dread the walk to class in the cold winter.

5. All Of The Summer Clothes

Shorts, tank tops, dresses, rompers, sandals, crop leggings... All of the summer clothes. All of the comfortable clothes. Everything you can think of. I love summer clothes and the amazing feeling of always being free in summer clothes.

6. All Of My Friends Being Home For 3 Months

My large friend group from home all separates during the school year. Some stay home, some at Ball State, some at Purdue, and everywhere in between. I love when everyone comes home for the summer and we're all able to hang out. It reminds me of old times when we spent every day together and I love it.

7. Going To The Pool Almost Every Day

I LOVE GOING SWIMMING. I have a membership at the club pool in my hometown and I went almost every day last year. The pool used to always be packed, but it wasn't this summer and it was awesome. My grandparents also have a pool at their house and sometimes I would go to their house and then go to the club pool.

7. Corn On The Cob

Enough said. I am from Indiana and I truly love corn on the cob. One of the best parts of summer is the Indiana corn on the cob.

8. The Indiana State Fair

One of the best things in Indiana. Everything about the State Fair is amazing. Every year I come home with a bag of kettle corn and a full stomach. All of the greasy food makes me feel awful, but it is truly worth it.

9. All Of The Fruits And Vegetables Being In Season

In the summer, I could eat fruit and vegetables every day and be completely fine with my life. I love when everything is in season and tastes delicious!

10. All Of The Animals Being Out At The Zoo

I don't necessarily support keeping animals in confinement at the zoo, but I love to go see them. Maybe that's a little hypocritical, but it is so interesting to see all of the animals. Especially giraffes. I love giraffes.

11. Indiana Sunsets

The sun doesn't go down until 10:15 and the sunsets are still beautiful as ever. I love to watch a gorgeous Indiana sunset on the back porch. I have never seen a more beautiful sunset than in Indiana. Even sunsets on the beach don't compare.

12. Always Riding With The Windows Down

I am as happy as this dog all of the summer, especially when I can constantly have the windows down in the car. Sometimes I prefer the air conditioner, especially on the interstate, but I love being able to ride with the windows down.

13. Kayaking

Kayaking is one of the best summer activities. When the river is at just the right level and you can just float or you can actually row your kayak around, it is awesome.

14. Summer Thunderstorms

I used to absolutely HATE thunderstorms, but then I got older. I truly appreciate a good summer thunderstorm. The lightening. The loud thunder that shakes the window. The smell of wet pavement after the rain. It is all amazing and I love it.

15. Being Around My Family

My little cousins are the best and my family is the best. I love the days where we all go out to my grandparent's pool and spend the day swimming and talking and having fun. It is probably the best activity of the summer.

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