15 Questions With A Pothead
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15 Questions With A Pothead

Honest answers from a stoners mind

15 Questions With A Pothead
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In the wake of the presidential election we may have forgotten that there were other elections going on at the same time. One thing is that more states have now voted to legalize recreational use of marijuana.

This week I decided to ask a friend of mine, Carl, 15 question about his experience with marijuana and see why he enjoys and continues to smoke. I have to say this was some of the most fun I have had with interviewing.

Q: When did you start smoking marijuana?

A: I never smoked or even touched marijuana before I got to college. Once I got to college I started smoking about a month into my first semester there.

Q: Why did you start smoking?

A: One reason I started smoking was to be more social. It’s insane how many students smoke pot when it’s on a private campus. Being from a different town I didn’t know many people and the freshman quad was the spot where everyone smoked. Another reason was because of my, now, best friend. He invited me to smoke before one of our classes and I was like “why not” and that opened a whole new can of worms for the rest of my time there.

Q: Who did you start smoking with?

A: My best friend. We happen to be from the same state and so I had a level of trust that he would not give me anything laced or bad. Coming from NY I used to hear so many stories of people smoking bad stuff and the Spice epidemic is insane in some areas here.

Q: How has it impacted your life?

A: Being a marijuana smoker has impacted my life in a few ways. I have been able to meet some of my best friends through just smoking together. I met a previous girlfriend by sparking up together. It’s allowed me to just stay calmer at times and go with the flow, something I struggle with on a daily basis. Its also allowed those around me to see that marijuana is not as dangerous as they may believe it is.

Q: What stigmas about pot smokers are true and what are not?

A: Not all pot smokers are hippies and lazy. This is one that I used to really hate. There are so many professionals who smoke and you would never even notice or guess they do. One thing is that a lot of pot smokers like to stay calm when they are high, and of course they get really hungry. I can only speak from my own experience though.

Q: What paraphernalia do you own?

A: Currently only a grinder. I don’t use bowls or tobacco pipes anymore. I’m a roller, and no I don’t roll blunts. I prefer rolling papers, always have and always will. J all the wayyyyyy.

Q: Are you worried about any long term effects like memory or cardiac issues?

A: Honestly, I try and not think about it but of course I am. Health is something that is really important to me. But there are so many things in our life that mess with our health. If you drink any form of alcohol you’re putting yourself at risk, if you eat too much red meat you put your health at risk, if you don’t exercise enough you also put yourself at risk. I do like my memory so I think my time, as a marijuana smoker will be put on hold for a while soon.

Q: Do you smoke at home or do you go somewhere else?

A: I try and not to smoke when I’m at home. I don’t like it being around younger people who are still in school. I normally meet up with friends and we find a spot. Never toke alone, it's not as enjoyable.

Q: What’s your favorite stoner snack?

A: Chicken fingers and french fries. Ketchup on the french fries and a side order of buffalo sauce. Water is perfectly fine. You tend to get dehydrated when high.

Q: What do you enjoy doing while you’re high?

A: I enjoy listening to music and having meaningful conversations with people. I also enjoy exploring. If I can have a deep conversation with you while we smoke, I know I found a friend in you.

Q: Is there a difference between eating an edible and smoking?

A: YES. There is a big difference. From my own experience I have learned that an edible will give you a body high. All you are going to want to do is be comfortable and stay in one position. Smoking is more of a mental high, for the most part. It opens up your imagination and allows you to understand multiple points of views.

Q: Is there such a thing as being “too high”?

A: Yes, you’ll knock yourself out and go to sleep, not physically knock yourself out.

Q: Favorite thing to watch while high?

A: Food Network, That 70s Show and Ghost Hunters also Property Bothers.

Q: Favorite strain?

A: Sensi Star. It will do the job all the time and great for when you’re soar from a workout or game.

Q: Are you high right now?

A: No… Okay maybe I am, but you couldn’t even tell.

Carl, thank you for your time and it has been a really good time to talk and pick your mind.

Until next time!

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