As of March 20th, it is officially spring time. While a lot of people are happy that winter is over, those who get hit hard by allergies in the spring are thinking “oh shit not this again”. Everything starts growing again and colors start to appear in forms of flowers, grass, and trees. And although it’s all beautiful to see, our bodies are not used to having all of this life rising from the dead of the winter cold. Spring will hit all at once and bring endless amounts of itchy eyes, sneezing, coughing, sinus headaches, and scratchy throats. The wind will blow around that fresh grass, the blooming trees, the sprouting flowers, and all those lovely particles that irritates those with allergies to be beyond miserable. Here’s 15 gifs that perfectly describe our pain of spring allergies so we can at least laugh a little.

1. When Your Allergies Appear Out of Nowhere

2. When That Benadryl Kicks In

3. When Your Eyes Won't Stop Itching

4. When That Sinus Headache Hits You

5. When People Don't Suffer From Allergies

6. When Someone Knows the Struggle About Spring Allergies

7. When You Walk Outside And All Your Allergy Symptoms Hit At Once

8. When Your Allergies Are So Bad You Don't Want to Leave Your Bed

9. Getting Ready for Allergy Season Like...

10. When Your Symptoms Are Gone for a Day

11. When You Cannot Stop Sneezing

12. When You Want to Go Outside But You Will Feel Sick If You Do

13. When the Allergies Hit You Hard and You Are Struggling to Breathe

14. When You Are Conflicted That Spring Time Brings Warmer Weather But Also Your Awful Allergies...

15. When Spring Is Over and So Are Your Allergies

It's no surprise that allergies just down right suck but at least we can laugh about it with the honest truth. On the days you feel like you just got hit by a bus, remember that spring is only a couple months long and it will end soon. In the mean time, make sure you stock up on the allergy meds, a humidifier, eye drops, and fluids. And until we see Summer, may allergy symptoms be forever in your favor...