15 Types Of Friends We Need
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15 Types of Friends We All Need

Surround yourself with good people.

15 Types of Friends We All Need
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Friendships can last a lifetime if both people put in the effort. Little do we know that the people we consider our friends have a significant impact on our lives. They're there for the ups and downs and help us get through anything and everything. Over time, these friends become more like family. Here are 15 types of friends we all need:

1. The listener.

Whenever you need someone to listen and vent to, they will find a way to give you their non-judgmental compassion, and undivided attention and time.

2. The diva.

We all need a little drama in our lives. Not only can it be entertaining, but it can be something to laugh about down the road after everything boils over.

3. The fashionista.

This friend is happy to loan out any of their clothes to you and accompany you on any shopping spree you go on.

4. The fangirl.

This friend will always support you, tell you that you look great, and is all around very positive and optimistic. They're like a personal cheerleader that will keep you smiling.

5. The nurturer.

This is the friend that knows how to ease any homesickness you may have. They have motherly instincts that just want to make you feel better when you're sick, and will make you feel loved always.

6. The tomboy.

This friend is undoubtedly handy and can help you assemble furniture or appliances, figure out tricky technology, and could help you with any car troubles.

7. The fun friend.

This friend is always down to have a good time and just enjoy life. They are full of energy and it's simply contagious.

8. The food fanatic.

This friend is always down to try new foods, grab a bite to eat, and cook a delicious meal at home.

9. The fitness buff.

Not only is this friend a source of inspiration, but they also motivate you and can encourage you to reach your goals.

10. The brutally honest confidant.

Not afraid to tell you how it is, whether you like it or not, this friend only wants the best for you and will always tell you the truth- not just what you want to hear.

11. The wise mentor

This friend is a few steps ahead in life and has enough wisdom to guide you in the right direction.

12. The friend from a different culture.

This friend will help you keep an open mind to new experiences, and grow to understand and love their culture and where they come from.

13. The polar opposite.

This friend will help you come out of your comfort zone and will allow you to view the world differently.

14. The work pal.

This isn't just a co-worker, but a friend that often makes your job even more enjoyable.

15. The loyal best friend.

This friend will support you no matter what. They know your deepest and darkest secrets, but still loves you all the same.

"Friendships are the family we make - not the one we inherit. I've always been someone to whom friendship, elective affinities, is as important as family." – Salman Rushdie
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