15 Fantastic Moments From 2015
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15 Fantastic Moments From 2015

The Year of the LION!

15 Fantastic Moments From 2015

I've heard a million terrible quotes about why I should be moving forward rather than looking towards the past, but honestly that's rubbish. 2015 was a year that was filled with far too many ridiculous moments to forget this quickly. Tom Brady was revealed to have a deflation problem, Brian Williams was revealed to be a lying news reporter instead of an exciting person, and celebrity Donald Trump began his highly controversial political campaign (toupee, or not toupee.That is the question). These are only three of the least exciting headlines in our country this previous year; let's see what else happened:

1. Katy Perry's Dancing Sharks


During the half-time show for the Super Bowl XLIX these two carnivorous "krumpers" took the stage behind Katy Perry and absolutely stole the show. Two days later the shark on Katy Perry's left revealed himself to be dancer Bryan Gaw.

But really, what kind of dance is this even? It's like Helen Keller attempting to do the YMCA jig in braille.

2. Late Night Host Retirements and Rises

After 22 seasons and 22 years David Letterman finally hung up his coat as the host of the Late show, passing the reigns along to Stephen Colbert. On his first episode Colbert said, "So for the record, I am not replacing David Letterman. His creative legacy is a high pencil mark on a doorframe that we all have to measure ourselves against." Jimmy Fallon also took over The Tonight Show which has previously been hosted by Jay Leno, Conan O'Brien, and Johnny Carson among others.

3. Shia Labeouf

That may look like a drunk homeless man applauding because he hasn't gotten kicked out of the theater yet– but it's actually Shia Labeouf watching all of his films while being streamed over the internet. Not sure which would be weirder, but then again, Shia has turned himself into the weirdest celebrity/performance artist over the past year. From telling Jimmy Kimmel his wild drunken tale about getting arrested at a cabaret, pulling his own tooth out for a role in Fury, and all his intoxication arrests this has really been the Year Of The Shia.

Best Nike advertisement ever. #JustDoIt

4. Back to the Future II - October 21, 2015

In the second Back to The Future Marty McFly, his girlfriend Jennifer Parker, and Doc Brown traveled forward to October 21, 2015. Jimmy Kimmel and the crew of Jimmy Kimmel Live! organized a reunion of actors Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd for a reenactment of the moment that they arrive in the year 2015. Doc Brown was thrilled with the capabilities of the smartphone until Kimmel revealed, "mainly we use it to send little smiley faces to each other, pictures of eggplants. That sort of thing."

5. Ice Bucket Challenge

While the majority of people know the ice bucket challenge from 2014, the ALS foundation tried to revive the campaign as an annual event with the help of some celebrities in 2015. Hugh Jackman, Governor Charlie Baker, and even the Mets took on the ice bucket challenge in 2015.

6. Drake's New Grooves

When the Hotline Bling music video debuted people were more infatuated with Drake's hilarious granny dance moves than the song itself. Spoofs on the dance have been performed by countless YouTubers as well as The Donald on SNL. Drake also released an impressive video of himself practicing his tennis game.

7. Blow A Kiss, Fire A Gun. All We Need Is Somebody To Lean On.

Major Lazer and DJ Snake had the most viewed video of 2015 with 985,349,993 views. Produced by Snake and Lazer and written by MØ, this dance track is a part of Major Lazer's third studio album Peace Is The Mission. To put 985 million into perspective, that's the same as every single U.S. citizen watching the video three times. That's a lot of views.

8. Muslim Hugs in Paris

It's easy to focus on the negative during a time of tragedy such as the Paris attacks in November. However, just days after the attacks a Muslim man blindfolded himself and placed signs on the ground saying, "I trust you, do you trust me? If yes, hug me." A lot of crazy things happened in 2015, it's nice to see a few acts of humanity in the midst of tragedy.

9. NASA's Revelations

In 2015 the images that NASA's New Horizons probe sent back of Pluto went viral. It was the first time that we've had high resolution images of the dwarf planet, and they were spectacular. She may not be considered a normal planet anymore, but at least we know what she looks like now. In 2015 NASA confirmed evidence of water on mars, put Dawn into orbit around a dwarf planet(Ceres) for the first time, and they even found Earth's long lost cousin! 2015 was certainly an out of this world year for NASA.

10. Yeezus For President

At the 2015 summer VMA's- Kanye made a 12 minute speech where he claimed that he isn't a politician but an artist, that award shows are dumb, and that he's "been conflicted bro, I just wanted people to like me bro. But F**k that BRO!" Kanye ended his speech with, "It ain't about me its about new ideas bro...and yes, as you probably could have guessed at this moment, I have decided in 2020 to run for president."Yeezus for America. Yeezus for 2020.

11. Trump For President - Make America Great Again

Kanye running for president doesn't sound like to far of a cry from the reality now that the previous star of The Apprentice and business mogul Donald Trump has been leading in the polls. In 2015 'The Donald' has made his name known through controversy after controversy. If he does get elected into office, I think it'll be just a matter of time before we see a reality show staring President Trump; maybe the first episode will be him deporting Rosie O'Donnell.

12. Bill Cosby

Besides looking like the dog Tumor from the new movie Daddy's Home, Bill Cosby has recently been arrested on charges of sexual assault. 2015 has proven that Bill Cosby is a creep – it's proven that Rachel Dolezal was white all along, and it's turned Bruce Jenner into a woman. This revelation makes The Cosby Showbarbecue scene, and many more scenes from the show, just seem that much creepier.

13. Martin Shkreli - Satisfying Justice

Martin Shkreli gained national notoriety as the slimy, scummy little man who raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 a pill to $750 a pill. There were national public outcries on the internet for the man to be imprisoned, and that is exactly what has happened with the close of the year. Shkreli has been arrested on fraud charges and has more charges pending. While the fraud charges have to do with the lying he did to investors and not the price hikes; there is no way that he is going to get away with his actions any longer, and that's true justice.

14. Star Wars

After 10 long years the Star Wars series has returned, and now owned by Disney. The seventh chapter has received amazing scores from Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic. However, George Lucas was unhappy with the film saying, "[Disney] wanted to do a retro movie, I don’t like that. Every movie, I worked very hard to make them different." Regardless, 2015 was the year of the force and we already have three new films that are going to be coming out in the future; but not to far, far away in the future.

15. The Key To Success

If anyone had a great year, it was definitely DJ Khaled. He brought himself to the foreground of social media with his catch phrases "Another One," "Bless up," and "The Key to success" with his Snapchat account. A proverbial icon and an inspirational Buddha look-alike, DJ Khaled has inspired us countless times with his snapchat stories that inspire us to live life to the fullest. This is why I am dedicating this year as the year of the LION! Bless up Khaled, and I'm wishing all you readers another great one.

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