Abby Lee Miller and her dancers are some of the sassiest people I've ever seen on reality TV. So if you're unfamiliar with the popular Lifetime show Dance Moms, you're missing out. Here are 15 GIFs from the show that perfectly describe college life and the struggles that we all face.

When people ask why you actually take time to get ready for class in the morning:

When people ask you what you want to do with your life:

When that really cute guy/girl in your class finally talks to you:

When you get on the scale for the first time in a while and realize that the freshman 15 is all too real:

When you go out and all the weird guys approach you:

When you realize that you are still weeks away from summer break:

When your friends make it home safely after a crazy night out:

When you show up to a game day tailgate and see that some girl is wearing the same dress as you:

When you walk into a party and you know that your outfit is on point:

When you see your friends after a long break:

When your professor tells you that you got the highest grade on the last assignment:

When things get a little overwhelming:

When your parents call you asking how your grades are:

When you have back-to-back classes across campus, and your professor won't let you leave even a second early:

When someone tells you that your major is a waste of time, or won't make you a lot of money: