15 Self Care Ideas For When You're Feeling Sick
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15 Self Care Ideas For When You're Feeling Sick

15 Simple ways to feel better.

15 Self Care Ideas For When You're Feeling Sick

When we think about college and all that it entails, it's amazing that students aren't sick on a daily basis. The stress levels are high, and the germ levels are high, too. We are all on campus where literally thousands of us interact and share study spaces, desks, computers etc. on a daily basis. That's a lot of germs being transferred from pencil to keyboard! Studies show that stress among college students today is higher than it has ever been, and when you combine high stress levels along with terrible eating and sleeping habits, you're bound to feel under the weather at one point in the semester. I'm basically a professional at getting sick at the worst possible times, (I'm writing this with strep throat during homecoming week and a week I had three exams.) so I thought I'd give my expert terrible-immune system advice for anyone who is also dealing with feeling crummy this semester. I'm no medical professional, but these are just a few things I like to do to self care when I'm feeling yucky.

1. Check out your campus health center.

Most larger sized universities have a health center on campus for students, so take advantage of the opportunity. I recently spoke to one of my friends who didn't realize OSU had one, so go check if your school does! Our clinic offers everything an off campus clinic does, and you can bursar the fees for a doctor's visit and medication. Fees are also much less due to student tuition fees.

2. Bubble baths with lavender epsom salt.

Lavender is my go-to sick scent because it is relaxing! This brand specifically also has menthol in it and it helps to relieve sinus problems.

3. Vaporizing rub.

The magic cure-all.

4, Lots of rest.

Seriously. It can be boring to do nothing for a change, but your body needs it.

5. Use the time to manage your schedule and contact professors.

In between Netflix sessions, send out the emails to your professors making arrangements if you any late work to help reduce stress.

6. Soup

Getting sick for the first time without Mom is a big wake up call of how much she helped you. Stock up on canned soups for easy comfort food lunches.

7. Fuzzy socks

Warm socks make everything better, right? Positive happy prints are a plus.

8. Hot, minty teas with honey.

I guzzle down the hot peppermint tea when I'm' sick. Yay for hydration and minty comfort.

9. Sprite

Sometimes you just need the bubbles.

10. Ibuprofen and warm showers for body aches.

11. Funny Netflix shows.

Personal favorite: Bob's Burgers.

12. New P.Js.

I always feel better in new comfy pajamas.

13. Milkshakes

Ice cream makes everything better.

14. Cooling eye masks

If you're not feeling fancy, wrap a plastic bag filled with ice in a dish towel.

15. Face masks

My favorite are from LUSH.

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