14 Songs For The Best Party Playlist

14 Songs For The Best Party Playlist

Here is your guide to a good night.

Have you ever gone to a party where the music was a complete turnoff? Have you invited some friends to hang out but can't decide on what to listen to? These are struggles that music listeners encounter daily when the radio station is playing the same songs over and over. Fortunately, for you, I have devised a list of songs that will never go out of style and are perfect for anyone's turn-up weekend playlist.

1. "It's My Party" - Jessie J

This song is sure to get you off of your feet and out on the dance floor with its catchy hooks. A dance-y pop song that lets the haters know that you don't care, what's not to love?! With an upbeat tempo and witty lyrics such as, "So, while you're acting like you're sick, sitting around and talking sh*t. Don't you get tired of being alone? Awwwww. Your only friend is your phone", it's a great song to kick off any party.

2. "We Can't Stop" - Miley Cyrus

Love her or hate her, you have to admit that this girl has some pipes. If that weren't enough, she clearly knows how to party. With the I-don't-care vibe throughout the song, one can only start to agree with Miley when she sings lyrics such as, "We can't stop, we wont stop. Can't you see it's we who own the night? Can't you see it's we who 'bout that life". Once the party get's going there is no stopping.

3. "Born This Way" - Lady Gaga

While this may not be the heaviest dance track on this list, it sure packs a punch where it counts. The lyrics are impeccable regarding self love and worth, that one can only be put into a good mood when listening to this song. As she belts out, "Don't hide yourself in regret, just love yourself and you're set. I'm on the right track, baby I was born this way", it's hard not to be happy.

4. "We R Who We R" - Kesha

If anyone knows how to party, it would be this girl right here. This pop princess is known for her heavy dance tracks and constant glitter everywhere. It was hard to pick which song of her's I would place on this list, but I knew I had no other choice besides this one. Any song that sings about 'dancing like we are dumb' gets an A+ in my book. I have got my white-boy moves down!

5. "Cheap Thrills" - Sia (Feat. Sean Paul)

Now, normally I am not one for a remix as I believe the original is always better. This is an exception. Artist Sean Paul gives this song just the right push that it needed to become #1 on the Billboard Hot100 for 4 weeks in a row! With reggae vibes and the assistance of Mr. Paul, this song is a true gem. I mean, how can you not love a song that talks not needing any money to be able to have a good time.

6. "Boy Problems" - Carly Rae Jepsen

What girl's night is complete without a song all about boy problems? From Carly's sophomore album "E-Mo-Tion" which was released last year, this song was instantly one of my personal favorites off the bat. With a quick intro from the lovely Sia to begin the song, it's pretty obvious that this song was built for success. With a catchy beat and lyrics like, "Boy problems, who's got 'em? I've got 'em too. Boy troubles, we've got double. Don't know what to do. I think I broke up with my boyfriend today and I don't really care. I've got worse problems.", the girls are sure to bond and a lough about all of their past relationships.

7. "Raise Your Glass" - P!nk

If there is any song that can combine self love with a great party, it would be this one. P!nk is an artist who has never shied away from being themselves, no matter how punk that is, and this song truly shows that. Giving a shout out to all of the freaks, underdogs, and any one who just feels like they are, "... to school for cool", this song is sure to bring everyone together to raise a glass.

8. "Break Free" -Ariana Grande (Feat. Zedd)

With mastermind DJ Zedd on the scenes for this song there was no way it could flop. With lyrics like, "I only want to die alive, never by the hands of a broken heart. Don't want to hear you lie tonight, now that I've become who I really am.", It's a perfect song to dance away all of those bad vibes from your previous relationship. Make sure to turn up this one loud and just let it all out.

9. "The Other Side" - Jason Derulo

Ever wanted to listen to a nice love song but got tired of the same old ballads. This song has got you covered. This is a heavy dance track that will have you feeling some type of way about your significant other all night long. As Derulo sings, "Tonight, take me to the other side. Sparks fly like the fourth of July. Take me to the to the other side. I see that sexy look in your eyes.", you know it's going to be a good night. Derulo's beautiful vocals are an added bonus.

10. "Super Bass" - Nicki Minaj

With the song that put this artist on the map, everyone will be trying to hold their breaths as they attempt to rap side by side with the self-proclaimed queen of rap. This song was a successful combination of rap lyrics with a wonderful pop-dance beat backing it up. You play this one for your girls and you are sure to have everyone on their feet and singing along in no time.

11. "Daft Punk" - Pentatonix

The song that won this group their first Grammy of course could not be left off this list. This song is a medley of some of Daft Punk's most famous songs, all done acapella. That's right, no instruments, only voices. This group is a force to be reckoned with as they first made their debut as the winner's of "The Sing-Off", a reality competition for acapella groups. Since winning this group has broken many boundaries in the music industry and has had many success' such as this one. Any Daft Punk fan is sure to fall in love as well as anyone else.

12. "M.F.P.O.T.Y." - Cher Lloyd

When creating this list I knew instantly that this song was going to be on here for several reasons. The main reason for this is for all of my girls out there. If you have ever been to a party or the club and some sleaze comes up and is trying to hit on you then you know exactly what this song is about. It's a giant middle finger up to those people while making sure to remind you to always have fun and keep dancing. I mean, what's not to love about lyrics like, "Boy I know that you want some of all this, but I'm out with my girls and you can't touch lightening. So we dance, and we dance like you're just not there."

13. "Timber" - Pitbull (Feat. Kesha)

One of my main goals for creating this playlist was to not duplicate artists. Although this song is mainly sung by an artist previously mentioned, it does feature one and therefore still works. I couldn't imagine this song not being on the list. When these two artists collaborated I automatically knew the track would be one that would tear up the dance floor and I was right. If you ever wanted a song where you could just get down and dirty to for no reason, this is it. I mean, "It's going down, I'm yelling timber. You better move, you better dance. Let's make a night you wont remember. I'll be the one you wont forget", just speaks for itself!

14. "I Gotta Feeling" - Black Eyed Peas

I couldn't think of any other song to close this list off with than this one right here. No agenda, no hidden meaning, just a simple song about partying and having a good night. What's even better is that this song doubles as a lesson as it names all of the days of the week for those that are too far gone to remember. This song is a true party track to it's core and deserves to be on this list.

There you have it. Now you are all set for the best playlist for when you're inviting friends over for some fun or heading out to a party. Kick that crummy old DJ out and make yourself in charge with this playlist that is sure to get people off of their feet and onto the dance floor. Have fun, but don't get too crazy. Remember to always party responsibly.

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Cover Image Credit:

@champagnepapi / Instagram

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15 Bougie Coffee Shops In Minneapolis You Need To go to

The perfect list for those of us who can justify spending over $5 on a cup of coffee.


Minneapolis is probably one of the most underrated cities in America. There are so many hidden gems and unique places to visit and the community of people share a kindness unlike many other skyscraper cities. One of its greatest attractions are the many local coffee shops speckled across the map. Here's a list of 15 high end coffee houses you need to try ASAP.

1. Spyhouse Coffee

Location: Various locations

What to Order: Jasmine Lemonade Tea (seasonal drink) or Spygirl

One of Minneapolis's staple coffeehouses, Spyhouse Coffee offers unique decor and atmosphere at each of its five locations. So, that means you have to make sure to visit each cafe located around the Cities. While their 'Spygirl' and 'Carmella' drinks are their most popular, their Jasmine Lemonade Tea is perfect for a hot summer day.

2. Wesley Andrews Coffee and Tea

Location: 111 East 26th Street, Minneapolis, MN 55404

What to Order: Rosemary Fennel Latte

With drinks that are ethically and sustainably sourced, Wesley Andrews Coffee and Tea offers a transparent environment perfect for genuine conversation. A common catchphrase coined by its founders is "conversation compliments."

3. Five Watt Coffee

Location: Kingfield: 3745 Nicollet Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55409; E. Hennepin: 861 E. Hennepin Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55414

What to order: The Kingfield

Due to its popularity, Five Watt Coffee opened up another location in Northeast Minneapolis. With a variety of unique specialty drinks, this is definitely a destination to visit more than once. My personal favorite drink is 'The Kingfield,' which is an espresso drink with vanilla and black Hawaiian sea salt.

4. Corner Coffee

Location: Various Locations

What to order: (Real) Vanilla Latte

Corner Coffee is a cozy and contemporary coffeeshop perfect for a reunion with friends. You can count on having quality and fresh coffee drinks every time.

5. Northern Coffeeworks

Location: 1027 S Washington Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55415

What to order: Orange Lavender Latte

This new location opened up just over a year ago and is already a popular location for any hipster looking for a trendy coffeehouse. I have found that the staff at Northern Coffeeworks includes some of the nicest people around. The Orange Lavender Latte is one of my favorite drinks.

6. Urban Bean

Locations: Lyndale: 2401 Lyndale Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55405; Lake: 822 West Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55405

What to Order: Chai Latte

Urban Bean Coffee locations offer a unique and artistic atmosphere. Along with their meticulously crafted drinks, there are plenty of picture opportunities with its distinct black and white wall art featured.

7. Botany Coffee

Location: 1830 E 38th St., Minneapolis, MN 55407

What to Order: Shan Lin Xi Winter Sprout Tea

Botany Coffee is also a fairly new location, but it stands out with its botanical flair of decorations and its signature coffee taste. Plus, look at how aesthetically pleasing that is.

8. Anelace Coffee

Location: 2402 Central Ave N.E., Minneapolis, MN 55418

What to Order: Rose Latte

With a coffeehouse lit up with the perfect amount of sunlight and a fancy chandelier, Anelace Coffee is a beautiful and charming spot, perfect to catch up with a friend over yummy drinks.

9. Angry Catfish Bicycle Shop and Coffee Bar

Location: 4208 28th Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55406

What to order: Americano

Providing the unconventional combination of bicycles and coffee, Angry Catfish is a great place to enjoy coffee while gazing at some interesting bicycles and parts. The staff is super friendly and the atmosphere is like no other coffee shop.

10. Rustica

Location: 3220 W. Lake St, Minneapolis, MN 55416

What to Order: Literally any bread, pastry or scone

Pateries and breads made and inspired by an award-winning baker, Rustica is a place you need to come hungry for. If the scent of freshly ground coffee doesn't get to you, the aroma of freshly baked bread wafting through the air surely will.

11. Café Astoria

Location: 180 Grand Ave., Saint Paul, MN 55102

What to order: 24K Latte (served with edible gold!)

Café Astoria serves coffee drinks that are the epitome of "Instagramable food." With edible glitter, multi-colored latte designs and many other decadent toppings, you can't help but snap a picture before you drink your literal piece of artwork.

12. Quixotic Coffee

Location: 769 Cleveland Ave S., St Paul, MN 55116

What to order: Nitro Cold Brew

Quixotic uses only the best local brands and ingredients and it is more than evident in the quality of their coffee. Stop by this modern and rustic shop for great service and an even better atmosphere.

13. Penny's Coffee

Locations: Downtown: 100 Washington Ave. S., Minneapolis, MN 55401; 44th Street: 3509 W. 44th St. Minneapolis, MN 55410

What to order: Golden Latte

Penny's Coffee has a beautiful marble interior and is located in the heart of downtown. Stop by for breakfast and order the 'Golden Latte' and maybe even one of their crêpes.

14. Peace Coffee

Locations: Wonderland Park: 3262 Minnehaha Ave., Minneapolis, MN 55402; Capella Tower: 225 S. 6th St., Minneapolis, MN 55406

What to order: Affagato (Izzy's Ice Cream drenched in espresso)

Probably one of the most colorful coffeehouses you'll walk into, Peace Coffee has vibrant red walls and colorful tile flooring. The café itself brightens up the entire street and all of its costumers.

15. Dogwood Coffee Co.

Location: Various Locations

What to order: Sparkling Matcha

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota and Winnipeg, Manitoba, Dogwood Coffee Co. is a favorite of many coffee lovers.They serve amazing coffee you need to try at least once in your lifetime if you're lucky enough to live Up North.

Cover Image Credit:

Nate Dumlao

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