100 Songs All Millennials Will Dance To At Their Weddings

100 Songs All Millennials Will Dance To At Their Weddings

Yes, "Hot in Herre" by Nelly made it to the next generation.

100 Songs All Millennials Will Dance To At Their Weddings
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Weddings are essentially the defining part of your 20s.

You're either going to weddings, are in weddings, or are getting married yourself (yikes). While the thought may be scary, weddings are just a big party, and parties need music. Luckily, millennials have a great taste in music. The early 2000s have GREAT party songs, and songs that top the charts currently aren't too far away from the party category.

Get ready for some really fun weddings, millennials, because there are 100 songs that CANNOT be missed:

1. Work - Rihanna, Drake

2. Can't feel My Face - The Weeknd

3. All of Me - John Legend

4. Fergalicious - Fergie

5. Shape of You - Ed Sheeran

6. Ridin' - Chamillionaire

7. Get Ur Freak On - Missy Elliott

8. Hot in Herre - Nelly

9. Tipsy (Radio Mix) - J-Kwon

10. Ms. Jackson - OutKast

11. Milkshake - Kelis

12. Drop It Like It's Hot - Snoop Dogg

13. A Little Party Never Killed Nobody - Fergie

14. Gold Digger - Kanye West

15. We Found Love - Rihanna, Calvin Harris

16. Marry You - Bruno Mars

17. I'm Yours - Jason Mraz

18. Shake - Ying Yany Twins ft. Pitbull

19. Hotel - Cassidy, R. Kelly

20. Temperature - Sean Paul

21. Run It! - Chris Brown

22. SexyBack - Justin Timberlake

23. Make You Feel My Love - Adele

24. Crazy in Love - Beyonce, JAY Z

25. 7/11 - Beyonce

26. One Dance - Drake, Wizkid, Kyla

27. Started From the Bottom - Drake

28. No One - Alicia Keys

29. All Night - Chance the Rapper ft Knox Fortune

30. All My Friends - Snakehips, Tinashe, Chance the Rapper

31. 3005 - Childish Gambino

32. Umbrella - Rihanna, JAY Z

33. Good Girls Go Bad - Cobra Starship, Leighton Meester

34. Sexy Can I - Ray J, Yung Berg

35. Low - Flo Rida, T-Pain

36. Lollipop - Lil Wayne, Static Major

37. 4 Minutes - Madonna, Justin Timberlake, Timbaland

38. Beautiful Soul - Jesse McCartney

39. Love Lockdown - Kanye West

40. Buy U a Drank (Shawty Snappin') - T-Pain, Yung Joc

41. Piece of Me - Britney Spears

42. Gives You Hell - The All-American Rejects

43. Kiss Me Thru The Phone - Soulja Boy, Sammie

44. Best I Ever Had - Drake

45. Throw It In The Bag - Fabolous, The-Dream

46. TiK ToK - Ke$ha

47. Dynamite - Taio Cruz

48. Closer - The Chainsmokers, Halsey

49. Your Love Is My Drug - Ke$ha

50. No Role Modelz - J. Cole

51. Bend Ova - Lil Jon, Tyga

52. Ignition (Remix) - R. Kelly

53. Jenny from the Block - Jennifer Lopez

54. Broccoli - D.R.A.M, Lil Yachty

55. Get Low - Ying Yang Twins, Lil Jon, The East Side Boyz

56. One, Two Step - Ciara, Missy Elliott

57. Booty Wurk (One Cheek At a Time) - T-Pain, Joey Galaxy

58. Gasolina - Daddy Yankee

59. Red Nose - Sage the Gemini

60. Lolly - Maejor Ali, Juicy J, Justin Bieber

61. Beauty And A Beat - Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj

62. Obsessed - Mariah Carey

63. You Belong With Me - Taylor Swift

64. What Makes You Beautiful - One Direction

65. Love You Like A Love Song - Selena Gomez & The Scene

66. Into You - Ariana Grande

67. Cheap Thrills - Sia

68. Never Be Like You - Flume, kai

69. Roses - The Chainsmokers, ROZES

70. Eenie Meenie - Sean Kingston, Justin Bieber

71. Latch - Disclosure, Sam Smith

72. Starving - Hailee Steinfeld, Grey, Zedd

73. Royals - Lorde

74. Needed Me - Rihanna

75. Bounce Back - Big Sean

76. Shake It - Metro Station

77. Come & Get It - Selena Gomez

78. Super Bass - Nicki Minaj

79. Down On Me - Jeremih, 50 Cent

80. Pretty Girl Rock - Keri Hilson

81. According To You - Orianthi

82. Carry Out - Timbaland, Justin Timberlake

83. California Gurls - Kay Perry ft. Snoop Dogg

84. Promiscuous - Nelly Furtado, Timbaland

85. Don't Cha - The Pussycat Dolls

86. Moment 4 Life - Nicki Minaj, Drake

87. BedRock - Young Money, Lloyd, Drake

88. We Are Young - fun., Janelle Monae

89. Rude Boy - Rihanna

90. I Gotta Feeling - The Black Eyed Peas

91. Bartender - T-Pain, Akon

92. Yeah! - Usher, Lil Jon, Ludacris

93. Love Me Harder - Ariana Grande, The Weeknd

94. Teach Me How To Dougie - Cali Swag District

95. Hotline Bling - Drake

96. Imma Be - The Black Eyed Peas

97. Goodies - Ciara, Petey Pablo

98. Die Young - Ke$ha

99. Replay - Iyaz

100. She Will Be Loved - Maroon 5

To listen to this party in action, here you go. You're welcome.

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