13 Ways to Combat Bad Days
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13 Ways to Combat Bad Days

'Cause you've had a bad day...now cheer yourself up!

13 Ways to Combat Bad Days

Bad days are the worst. They stretch on forever, seeming never-ending and things just keep getting worse. There's a lot of articles out there telling you how to combat bad days, or stop them from happening. That's fair, I suppose. However I'd rather read something about ways to cheer myself up when my day is falling apart. To that extent, here are 20 things guaranteed to make you feel better (in no particular order of course)!

1. Watching SNL skits

Not the most time-worthy endeavor of this list, but it's definitely worth the time it takes. Right now they're doing a bunch of funny skits on the 2016 U.S. Elections, which is always a good reason to laugh. Plus this season, they've already had great people like Lin-Manuel Miranda and Emily Blunt host, so if you want to skip the skits watch some funny teasers.

Here and here are where you can find two of my favorite videos right now.

2. Look at this cat gif:

Look at it. Just look at it! Aw....

3. Listen to a "funky" song

Some songs are just made to be funny. And laugh at. Find one of those songs and you're golden -- at least until your day goes from bad to worse. Here's one of my favorite songs:

4. Drink your favorite drink. Seriously.

Is it a Carmel Macchiato from Starbucks? An ice cold Coca-Cola? Maybe a stiff beverage of the alcoholic variety? Whatever it is grab it (if you're in the environment to do so -- don't drink and drive, and probably don't drink at work/during class) and kick back and relax while you finish your delicious treat.

5. Eat your guilty pleasure food.

Along the same lines as #4 but this time you're chowin' down. Forget about the calories! Diets don't matter when you're having a bad day? The only questions is how long it will take to make, and how many servings you want.

Need some food suggestions? Try Mac & Cheese, cookies. or maybe some ice cream.

6. Watch one episode of your favorite T.V. show

Maybe for you it's F.R.I.E.N.D.S. or Criminal Minds or Buffy the Vampyre Slayer. Whatever it is, open up Netflix or Hulu, put in your headphones and ignore the world for 20 minutes to an hour. You'll thank me later.

7. Read (or reread) your favorite book

For most of the population it's probably Harry Potterso don't read the whole thing -- pick a chapter, read it and then get back out there. You got this!

8. Treat Yo Self

Yes retail therapy probably isn't the best mode of action for every bad day but it works sometimes! Is there a shirt you've been wanting to buy? A new movie you want to go see? A book you need on your bookshelf but can't justify most of the time? Go get it! Do it! Buy baby buy! And then buckle down for the rest of your day!

9. Talk to someone

It doesn't have to be a therapist -- it can be anyone. Seriously. Talk to your mom. Your sister. Your father. Your friends. The total stranger sitting next to you on the bus. Vent. Get it all out. Then get back to work dude!

10. Look at this gif of a bear waving:

Look at it! It's so cute! It's waving just to you!

Feel better now?

11. Create something

You wanna draw? You go draw! You wanna write a story? You got this, go write! You want to do anything artsy or creative? Go do it! Focus on that instead of your bad day and you'll (start to) feel better.

12. Take a nap

Probably not practical but also nothing bothers you when you're passed out under some blankets. Grab some fluffy pillows and snuggle up, it's all gonna be all right.

13. Go for a walk...or a run...or do some jumping jacks

Get sweating! Knock out all those negative toxins! Ain't nobody got time for those! Strap on some comfy shoes and go sweat it out. k. Seriously. I hate to exercise most of the time, but not when it makes me feel better (which it does, because ENDORPHINS).

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