You Know You Go To FIT When...
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You Know You Go To FIT When...

Your friends always ask you if you’ve been to Black Tap or have tried a rainbow bagel.

You Know You Go To FIT When...

FIT is very, very distinct school. Some of us have known that we wanted to go here since middle school, others hadn't heard of it until our senior year. Before attending the #1 fashion school in America, we wondered what it would be like. Now that we are all here we all know what it is like to attend FIT. Here are (only) 13 ways you know if you go to FIT.

1. You get excited about the speed dating event and take it seriously.

Everyone knows FIT is not the place to find a boyfriend. Most FIT students have multiple dating apps, but when FIT PRSSA presents students with the chance to speed date every year, we take it seriously. It’s the only chance you have to wow single straight men from Manhattan with not only your looks, but also your personality. Chances are you've seen most of them on Tinder too.

2. You tell someone you go to FIT and they respond, “Oh my God, make me a dress!”

Not everyone here goes here for fashion design. In fact, not everyone here studies fashion. FIT offers multiple degrees ranging from Fashion Business Management to Toy Design. So, you get incredibly annoyed by the copious amounts of people who assume you can create an entire wardrobe for them (like you have the time anyway).

3. You have to go to other schools for parties.

They tell you straight up here when you apply that if you are looking to party in college, FIT is not the place. There are absolutely zero parties here so we get ourselves invited to parties at NYU and Columbia.

4. Everyone is friends with a promoter.

Due to the lack of parties, you need some way to get the college experience. Going to some of the best clubs in the country however, is MUCH more than the college experience. *flips hair*

5. There are condoms everywhere you go.

It’s pretty normal for most colleges to have a little basket of free condoms in the health center and at a health fair however, FIT is very enthusiastic about safe sex. In addition to the basket in the health center full of not only free condoms but also lube, FIT gives out condoms at every school event! FIT even has The Condom Bar, an event where FIT students can get as many free condoms (flavored, glow in the dark, and female condoms) for free. There are also dildos where students can practice putting on condoms the right way.

6. You've seen signs about free rapid HIV testing in the A building every Friday.

Like I previously stated, FIT loves safe sex. So much so they give us free rapid HIV testing. This is not a bad thing, it’s a good thing to get tested just to be sure and just as important for you and your partner to be open with each other about your previous sexual relationships.

7. You feel like your world falls apart if you lost your school ID.

You can’t get anywhere. Like seriously, you can’t even leave your room without it. It's even worse when you go to pick up your insomnia cookies and leave your ID in your room. So you sit on the couches in the lobby right in front of security in your pj's and slippers, but when you try and get passed them with your cookies, they yell at you for not showing your ID, even though they literally saw you sit down. Also, you obviously did not go outside in your pj's (duh you go to FIT).

8. The fire alarms go off and everyone hesitates for a good two minutes.

No one ever knows if its an old school bell or the fire alarm. It’s the most un-alarming alarm ever. They also go off a significant amount of times depending on what dorm you live in because people are always burning their food.

9. The health center is always trying to force you on birth control.

If your period isn’t normal and you're sexually active, nine times out of 10 they’ll pester you to get birth control through them if you are not already on it. They also might tell you you're pregnant if your period is late even if you're going in for something as simple as a cold.

10. You don’t understand what it’s like to go to college on a normal campus.

You have access to everything in the city so you do not know what it’s like to be trapped on a college campus.

11. Your friends always ask you if you’ve been to Black Tap or have tried a rainbow bagel.

Some of us have, but chances are you’ve been so caught up in school work you haven’t had a chance to wait in a long line or go “all the way” to Brooklyn for a rainbow bagel. After all, even though you go to the city, you still have to keep up with school.

12. You told everyone you know that Brooklyn Beckham took a school tour.

He's 17 and you're 21 but so what? Age is just a number and he's got Victoria and David's genes sooo.....

13. You brag about the alumni.

To think you walked the same halls as Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Nanette Lepore, Carolina Herrera, and so many more is incredible. Fashion is a difficult industry and to be going to a school regarded as the best in the country and one of the best in the world is amazing and we all know it.

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