Rhyme Without Reason Costume Inspirations
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Rhyme Without Reason Costume Inspirations

You'll be ready in no time

A group of young people wear costumes

Inspired by these rhyme without reason ideas, we want to make it as simple as possible for you to start shopping.

Just about anything you'll need to make the perfect costume is available for purchase online. Some are already made and one click away, while others will take more creativity to get them right.

So let's begin and get you exactly what you need.

A Dime

A t-shirt with ten cents

Whether you go with a simple shirt or something more elaborate with a dime in the middle, you can't really go wrong to depict a dime.


And a Mime

A mime costume

You're ready to go to the party and not say a word. Hope you've practiced plenty of hand movements.


A Ramp

A ramp

Here's where creativity will have to come into play. You may have to get one of these and carry it around or somehow tape it onto yourself.


And a Lamp

A woman wears a lamp costume

There are plenty of lamp costume options. Here's one of them.



A Hooters costume

For the next duo, start by having one person dress up like a Hooter's girl.


And Shooters

Lots of shot glasses lined up

And have one person wear plastic shot glasses with color glue in them.



A Sherlock costume

For this next one, one person could wear a cape and a Sherlock hat with a magnifying glass.


And Woodstock

A Woodstock bird costume

The other person could dress up like the bird Woodstock or the festival.



Spaghetti costume

You'll be a hit at the party. Bon appetit!


And a Yeti

A Yeti costume

This would be fun to pull off. Just make sure that the Yeti doesn't eat the spaghetti.


A Whale

A whale costume

This would be very cute. You could use a backpack or a laundry basket for the shell.


A Ladder

A ladder

Get started by turning yourself into a walking ladder.


And a Bladder

A Bladder costume

Yeah, you went there. There may be other ways to depict this, but this may be sufficient. People will get the point.


A Rake


You may need to carry this one around.


And a Snake

A snake costume

This would be a fun one.



Purple jam costume

Just wear purple. Smart people will figure it out.


And Ham

A ham and cheese costume set

You're the ham, mind you. Not the cheese. They happen to come in a set, so maybe you'll be the cheese another time.


A Pig

Inflatable pig costume

You could dress with pink and then the other person could dress with brown.


And a Twig

Twigs costume

Lots of twigs. But it's a lot easier to pull off than just one.



Banana costume

All you need for this one is a banana costume and old lady clothes


And a Nana

Old lady costume

Time to dress up like an old lady!



A milk carton costume

One person would dress up as a milk carton.


And a Fairy

A fairy costume

Now this would grab people's attention.



Hibachi chef costume

The hibachi person would definitely have to have one of those tall hats they wear.


And Versace

Versace spray

You'll need this as part of your costume.


A Trash Bag

Trash can costume

You could put your arms through the straps that come out of the trash bag and just wrap an American flag around yourself (as long as it doesn't touch the floor).


A Gumball Machine

A gumball machine costume

This would be super cute if the person who was the gumball put puffballs onto their shirt and wore silver pants.


And The American Dream

American Dream Marvel Costume

A great excuse to work a Marvel costume into the party.


Bob Ross

Bob Ross costume with painting supplies

This is super easy and everyone would know exactly who you were.


And Dental Floss

A tooth costume

Start with a sweet tooth and then just carrying around some floss to go with it.


Inspired? You should be! Hope that helps and your next rhyme without reason occasion is a hit.

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