13 Things You Understand When You've Nailed The Whole 'Long-Distance Best Friendship' Thing

There is a saying floating around that if you are friends for seven years, you are friends for life.

I don't really know if that's true or not, but if it is, God bless Alyssa Hardy because she is gonna need it if she is stuck with me for life.

We met in elementary school in a dance studio and became the closest of friends in 8th grade. We have gone on family vacations together, broken laws together (sorry, mom), shared our dumbest thoughts, laughed until we peed, and cried until our eyes swelled so much we couldn't help but chuckle.

We graduated from Richland High School together in 2015 and then split to opposite sides of the state. (Tg not opposite sides of the country). Over the past two years, we have pretty much nailed this whole "long-distance best friendship" thing and it comes with some clear-cut signs.

1. You communicate daily through tagging each other on FB memes.

I get so pumped when I see her name pop up on my notifications.

2. FaceTime is your favorite form of communication.

This allows you to see their gorgeous face, help pick out outfits, see what they are up to. Basically all of the things you would be doing if you were there in person.

3. You stalk all of their college friends on social media so you can keep them straight when she is talking about them.

It is so hard to remember 30 different people you have never met in your life when you don't have a face to put with the name.

4. You're best friends on Snapchat.

I am sorry for breaking our streak.

5. You plan out every minute around their schedule when you are home for break.

It is a fine science that we have nailed.

6. Visiting them at college is your favorite annual activity.

Go Cougs!

7. You miss their mom's cooking just as much as you miss your own mom's.

I could really go for a Hardy family dinner right about now.

8. You go on vacations together because it is time spent 100% dedicated to them.

So, California round 2?

9. You know their class/work schedule and plan your day according to when you can talk on the phone.

Phone tag sucks so just coordinate calendars in advance.

10. You never worry that you will be replaced by college friends.

Were they there for that first break up in 8th grade? I think not.

11. You realize that absence does make the heart grow fonder.

I miss having you around for Target runs.

12. All of your friends know who she is because you never shut up about her.

I am pretty sure they can recite your family tree, major, exes, and blood type if needed.

13. You get cheesy around the holidays because you miss the crap out of her.


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