13 Things Girls Growing Up With Only Brothers Know to be True
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13 Things Girls Growing Up With Only Brothers Know to be True

The ups and downs of being an only girl living with brothers

13 Things Girls Growing Up With Only Brothers Know to be True
Sarah Gage

Growing up as the only girl in a family of brothers, I quickly learned how to stand up for myself. There was no way that I would let my brothers beat me in a backyard footrace or over the neighbor’s fence to grab a stray baseball. Sure, when I was younger, I thought it would have been nice to have a sister, but now, I’m glad I didn’t. Being a middle child with three brothers, I learned to be tough. I grew up knowing that I was just as competitive or capable to keep up with the boys at recess or in the classroom. If you’re like me, and you’re the only girl in the midst of a number of brothers, then you’ll understand these 14 things girls with only brothers know to be true.

1. Holding your ground

If you're like me, you grew up knowing that sometimes, it was necessary to wrestle or throw a punch in order to keep up with your brothers or to make a point. You were never afraid to speak your mind - even if it got you in trouble sometimes - and it made you tougher.

2. You're not as materialistic

You wore your brother's hand-me-downs until you got old enough to realize that the rest of the girls in your 6th-grade class weren't wearing straight-legged boy's jeans. Even now, though, you still occasionally steal a pair of their basketball shorts or a sweatshirt.

3. You're not afraid of a little dirt

You were the girl who, when you went fishing, dug up the worms from your yard and put them on the hook (yes, while they were alive). Even if it took hours of sitting in a lawn chair by the edge of the lake without any bites from the fish (long after your brothers gave up), you eventually caught a trout. You proudly displayed the fish, then proceeded to clean it yourself. A little fish guts never hurt anyone, right?

4. You're the "princess"

While your brothers treated you as equal competition, your parents always viewed you as the "princess". You always got a little bit more attention than your siblings, and everyone was so impressed by the fact that you were able to live with so many boys (even though it was just normal to you).

5. Keeping up with the boys

There was always some sort of tomboy attitude prevalent in you. You were always ready to play a game of HORSE, have a lightsaber battle, compete in yet another footrace, or participate in a game of tackle football in the backyard (complete with helmets and uniforms, of course). If there was a competition, you were sure to try your hardest to win.

6. You hated "majority rules"

No matter what, your brothers never failed to agree on what to watch or what game to play, leaving you as the odd one out, destined to never get your way. Even though you knew that voting was pointless, you still made sure that you all did - just in case you convinced one of the boys to change their mind. Rarely did you actually get to watch your TV show, though (the voting always seemed to go Spongebob - 3, Hannah Montana - 1), and you usually had to sit through yet another three-hour Lord of the Rings movie or a Star Wars marathon. As much as you liked them, you can only watch The Fellowship of the Ring so many times. Now, you own both of those series, and they are some of your favorite movies (but you'd never let your brothers know that).

7. The constant teasing

Your embarrassing moments, grudges, or long-lasting jokes are NEVER forgotten. Your brothers never fail to bring them up at the most inopportune moments. While you tried so hard to make sure that your brothers saw you as equal competition, they paraded around the house with your first bra, teasing you relentlessly (until you tackled them to the floor).

8. The "little mommy" attitude

Even if your mom was right next to you, you thought that it was your job to make sure that your brothers knew how to behave and what to do. They hated it, but you didn't stop the constant "your shirt doesn't match your shorts", "did you do your homework", "but mom said...", etc.

9. The special bond with your mom

Being the only two women in the house, it was destined that you and your mom would be close. You can relate to one another, and share similar thoughts or concerns. After dropping off your brothers at a Boy Scout meeting, you and mom would go grab dinner or head to the mall to watch a movie together while you waited for them. Now, you are your mom are inseparable. She's become your biggest supporter and your best friend.

10. You learned to be persuasive

Sure, you enjoyed the backyard baseball games and playing Legos, but you eventually got tired of being the yellow Power Ranger and wanted someone to play Barbies with you. You learned very quickly how to drag your brothers into the world of dress up and dolls.

11. You learned how to hide things in secure places

Anytime you were gone, your brothers were SURE to rummage through your things, searching for something to tease you with or get you in trouble. Whether it was your elementary school diary or coveted snacks, you found really good hiding places in your room and across the house for them.

12. Girlfriend advice

When you all started growing up, and your brothers began to date, they were constantly coming to you for girl advice. Would you help him shop for her Christmas gift? Is she actually mad? Should he say this?

13. You're competitive

Growing up constantly competing with your brothers, you learned that you are just as capable of doing things as anyone of the opposite gender. Your competition with your brothers led you to be more competitive in your life, in general. You knew that just because you were a girl, it didn't mean that you were any less capable of doing things than anyone else. This translated to school competitions, playing co-ed sports, or joining your brother's competitions (I may or may not have built a pink floral Boy Scout Pine Wood Derby car that beat EVERY other competing car). Now, you are competitive with the other gender, and you show people how to do things "like a girl".

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