13 Texts To Send Him During Quarantine
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13 Texts To Send Him During Quarantine To Keep Him On His Toes

Flirting, but at a distance.

13 Texts To Send Him During Quarantine To Keep Him On His Toes

Every aspect of life has had to change as a result of the coronavirus and imposed quarantine, including talking to people you're interested in. It's especially tricky during this time to keep the sparks going if you're talking to someone — whether you're casually getting to know them or if the two of you are 'established' (or anything in between).

In case your texting sessions are getting a little dry, here are 13 texts he'll love to receive during quarantine:

"I’m snuggled up wearing your hoodie."

Guys love it when a girl wears their clothes (unless you're like a particular person I used to date). Tell him how cozy you feel snuggled up in their hoodie and how you can't wait to cuddle with him soon.

"What are we doing as soon as all of this is over?"

Making a game plan for what the two of you will do as soon as you're both able to leave your houses is such a good way to positively focus on this craziness coming to an end (which it will!). Which bar are we hitting up as soon as nightlife becomes a thing again? What movie are we going to watch as soon as we can do a Netflix night again?

"Thinking about you."

Texting him doesn't have to be complicated. This is such a quick and simple text, but it'll let him know he's on your mind.

"Remember this?"

Send him a picture from one of the times you hung out. Taking a trip down memory lane is a good way to hang on to the feelings you have between you two — since holding onto feelings can be a little hard because of not being able to physically see each other.

"Just baked some cookies — wish you were here to taste them."

Everybody appreciates freshly-baked food. You can always use food as an excuse to get a guy to think about you. Plus, the double entendre will leave him … thinking about some things.

"I can’t wait to squeeze you when this is all over."

Is it not obvious that everyone's going out of their mind at least a little bit from this lockdown? Remind him of how this period of time will surely come to an end, and that when it does, you two are going to have your own reunion.

"I’m watching X and ___ made me think of you."

Everyone's married to their Netflix account during quarantine, binge-watching one show or another. We all love it when we hear that someone was reminded of us. Why not bring up a scene that made you think of them?

"You’re annoying." (But there’s more to it...)

This is the only text idea on this list that's not original. I was watching Entertainment Tonight and expert Matthew Hussey shared his tips for talking to someone you're interested in during quarantine: text them "you're annoying" without any context. They're going to reply "why?" (or "what?"). Then you're going to answer them with "because you're the one person that's making it so hard to stay in quarantine." Goosebumps.

*Insert song lyrics here.*

Whether it's from his favorite song or a song that might describe what the two of you have, send him some lyrics you know he'll like receiving. It'll be really cute if he replies by continuing the lyrics.

"For you."

Send him a really nice picture of yourself. Men are so visual and always respond to them. When he sees this photo of you, he's going to wish you were there with him.

"Would you want to FaceTime or voice call sometime?"

Texting is an easy and fast way to keep in contact. But, if we're being honest, the next best thing to seeing someone in person is a voice or video call. Our generation doesn't seem to value picking up the phone and calling someone — it's so much more personal and straightforward than texting. You can't compete with being able to hear someone's voice and see them live as you talk to them.

"X just came on my playlist and now I’m thinking about you."

It can really make someone's day to know that you were reminded of them. Especially if music is something that you two have in common or that bonds you, this text is a great one to send.

"I miss you."

This text is a classic; it's short and sweet. Having said that, some guys will freak out when you tell them this if you two are not established. So, if this is a fling or a crush you might want to leave this one out until things get more serious.

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