13 Hilarious Thoughts You'll Have During Hot Yoga

13 Hilarious Thoughts You'll Have During Hot Yoga

Hot? It's not that hot I've been to (insert generic hot place here) and I was fine.

Hot Yoga: it's a strange and kind of cruel sort of exercise we put ourselves through. Sure regular yoga is a wonderful exercise just by itself, where you can calm yourself down and just clear your mind, but for some reason people thought that it could be made even better by stuffing yourself in a 108 degree room with 20 other strangers. Now before I go on let me just say that I did try it a couple times and discovered it is not at all for me, if Hot Yoga is something you do everyday I gladly applaud you on your endurance because you are a tougher person then I will ever be, because I am just going to stick with regular yoga. For anyone who is thinking about checking Hot Yoga classes out, here are some things/thoughts that may happen during your first class:

1.Hot? It's not that hot I've been to (insert generic hot place here) and I was fine. (Enters room)

2.What kind of heat is this? Eck must not chug all of my water right now. Must tough it out!

3.Good there's a spot in the direct middle I'll just plop my mat down there. Oh God though why is everyone laying down did they already pass out from heat exhaustion?

4. Alright, you got this it's just like regular yoga right?

5. The middle was a terrible decision, now all the teacher is doing is picking on me because I sat right next to them. Don't tell me what to do, let me be terrible as a beginner, and did I mention it's 108 in here!

6. What's with the mirrors do we all really need to see how we look right now?

7. I'm so slippery that I can't even get a grip on my feet (the fish represents my feet)

8. Oh good a water break better hydrate.

9. That's a neat trick, putting water on your mat to make it cooler (falls on face as my feet slip trying to go into warrior pose) that was too much water I think?

10. Ok I need to step out, it is to hot in here (run's to bathroom and try's to cool down using the bathroom sink)

11. Welp better go back in there and melt some more

12. Hooray! It's Savasana time!

13. I did it! Now somebody get me ice cream while I hide in this freezer.

Cover Image Credit: Manga La Yoga Studios

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Imperfections are what gives a diamond its value.

Dear judgemental, simple minded people from my hometown,

I am sorry that I have never met your level of perfection.

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I've never understood why everyone always seems to feel the need to talk down to the next person. People love to gossip about a situation as long as the situation has nothing to do with them. For every move I made, someone was always there to bring out the negativity in the situation. You all are always sweeping around somebody else's doorstep when I know your doorstep is not clean. Maybe it is time to buy a new broom. I know that I cannot please everybody and that I will also not be liked by everybody. However, I deserve respect just as the next person.

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Cover Image Credit: Haley Williamson

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