12 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Dance Marathon

12 Reasons You Should Be Excited For Dance Marathon

It'll change your life.

Every organization on campus has something to offer. Knowledge, networking, or even just friendship. But one thing you can't say about every organization is that just by joining you are helping a mission dedicated to saving lives. If you're on the fence about joining Dance Marathon (DM), here's a couple reasons why its the best decision you'll ever make.

1. It's fun!

Why would you join something if it wasn't fun? From the line dance to a late night/early morning rave, all 24 hours are designed to keep you having fun.

2. The colors

It is so fun to go all out in one color and look crazy.

3. And it is free to join!

So, it's free, it's fun, and there will be food... Why are you not signed up yet?

4. The kids

There's truly nothing more uplifting than when your legs are tired, your body is sore and you'd rather be anywhere, and you see a child who has lived most their life in a hospital running around with the biggest smile on their face because of this event and because of you. There's truly nothing better.

5. It challenges you

And even though standing on your feet for 24 straight hours without sitting and without sleeping is incredibly hard, knowing that your temporary pain may relieve the pain a child feels on a day to day basis makes it completely worth it.

6. You might meet your best friends

Maybe they'll be on your team, maybe they'll be your morale captain, or maybe the people you dance with this year will inspire you to get a higher position next year where you will meet your family. It may have taken me 2 years since my first time dancing, but I met my family through DM.

7. And it might ignite a passion inside of you

Because if you let it change your life, it will.

8. Finishing the line dance

Even when you're tired, sore and ready to go home as soon as physically possible, it is so awesome to finally put together the dance you've been working on for 24 hours.

9. Biker run-in

While we are all dancing, over one hundred crazy students are biking from Cincinnati to Bowling Green with the same goal in mind -- to raise money FTK (for the kids). When they get back, sore and tired from biking 180 miles, it is pretty amazing.

10. The bracelet cutting

For those who haven't done DM before, the bracelet cutting ceremony isn't something I want to give away. All I'll say is, get ready for the waterworks.

11. The reveal

While it may seem like a 24 hour event, the fundraising and work that goes into Dance Marathon starts the moment the last one ends. Fundraising and hard work is an incredibly long process and to see all of the hard work pay off in a 6-figure number that goes entirely to the kids is indescribable.

12. The miracles

It may be 24 hours to you, but it is the highlight of the year for some of the miracle kids. Hearing their stories, watching them forget their cares for a day, and raising money to better their lives will make this the best organization you could ever be a part of.

Cover Image Credit: DM at BGSU

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3 Awkward Personnel Situations Every Business Might Face This Year

Personnel problems are some of the trickiest to deal with in the business world so be sure to plan ahead.

Personnel problems are some of the trickiest to deal with in the business world. You’re not just dealing with numbers—you’re dealing with people and all the attendant emotions they bring with them. As your business year continues, you are likely to run into a few awkward personnel situations. Below are three that tend to impact businesses across the world.

Inter-Office Relationships

While television and movies make inter-office relationships look fantastic, they’re actually a headache for anyone who runs a business. If you’re lucky, the people involved will keep everything very low-key and you’ll never be any the wiser. If you’re not, you can expect some real personnel issues to crop up. The best way to deal with these problems is to be equitable and to follow any protocols you have in place to the letter. Don’t become involved with these relationships on a personal level and make sure to keep a level head when dealing with any of the resulting problems.

Bringing in a New Generation

There’s a good chance that you’ll be bringing in a new generation of workers this year, and that’s going to mean changing the way you do things. Despite the doom and gloom forecast by most of the media when it comes to dealing with millennials, you won’t have to completely upend your business in order to cater to these new hires. You will, however, have to adapt to workers just as they adapt to you.

Many millennials pursue postgraduate education if they can manage it while working at the same time. For example, a hospital may hire a young nurse with an associate’s degree in nursing who wants to pursue further education. That employee can take an ADN to MSN program at the same time as working. The availability of online education makes hiring millennials a possible investment for greater future returns.

Dealing with Major Shifts

One way or another, your personnel needs are likely to change this year. You might have to deal with the pain of letting some of your best employees go, watch as one of your managers moves on to greener pastures, or have to hire a number of new workers quickly in order to fill vacancies. You can’t expect this year to be the same as last year, so don’t rest comfortably just because things are going well now. Start looking at your staffing needs early so you can put contingency plans in place.

You might also have to make major changes in your operations based on your employee demographics. It’s obvious that each generation or background your employees come from can change the way you have to run things. It can be tempting to attempt a one-size-fits-all approach, but research on leadership through multigenerational differences suggests that you may be better off playing to the strengths of each demographic individually. If you can draw out the best of your employees with a unique, and even personal, approach, your business will inevitably thrive.

The next year might bring some real changes to your workforce. Be prepared to deal with relationships, new hires, and wildly changing circumstances as the year goes by. The more you prepare, the better you will be able to weather the storms that are likely to come your way.

Cover Image Credit: Pixabay

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People Who Don't Work Reflect Their Whole Generation In A Bad Light

When did work ethics equal a whole age group?

I'm sure everyone has seen that meme where the message has a guy saying, "You ever looked at a coworker and think 'How the hell are you still working here?'"

Well, I have a coworker like that. This person will come up with any way to not work. Which I continuously find hilarious since they begged my boss for the job because they just up and quit their previous job without a backup plan.

They'll come in, work for a little while, then find excuses to leave the floor. They need water. They need to use the bathroom. They need to call a few people. They need to send a text. They want to talk about a new diet they're trying. Then they want to fix themselves dinner. They get upset when they're told to do the work they're supposed to do. They rely on shortcuts and hacks to get out of doing it. Then they take 30 minutes to get ready to leave every evening. Mind you, they're only scheduled to work four and a half hours a day, second shift.

Recently, laziness on the job is blamed on Millennials. Yet, a few years ago, it was said that Millenials are more productive and economically innovative. Laziness at work or the inability to get a job was a prominent trait of Generation X.

Everyone in my personal circle is a Millennial with excellent work ethics. They all are in careers. Everyone I know that is from Generation X either bounce from job to job, work under-the-table jobs, or don't work at all.

My lazy coworker belongs to Generation X. I don't think that's a coincidence.

I'm not saying all Gen Xers are lazy and all Millennials are successful. However, I, and many others in my circle, have personally witnessed these things. Despite all the variables that could present a miscalculation in data, Generation X and Millennials tend to act similarly.

My personal work ethic came about because I wanted to escape my home life. I held down part-time jobs and high school to avoid being at home. Once I left home and went to college, I worked a lot to prove that I could support myself and not have to go back home.

I don't know why people don't want to work. Working provides people with the income to get whatever they need and want. Working not only gives one something to do but also provides a purpose in life other than just existing. Working is one of the foundations of living in America. So again, with all the benefits to working, I don't understand why there are people who don't want to work.

I could talk to this coworker about the benefits of working. I could get to the bottom of why they're so against doing the job they begged for. But some things people should just...do. One should want to dispel the nonworking stereotypes that society puts on Generation X and Millennials. Perhaps that's too much to ask for.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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