12 Reasons Why Having a Pet Hamster is the Best
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12 Reasons Why Having a Pet Hamster is the Best

A shout out to the most underrated pet of all time.

12 Reasons Why Having a Pet Hamster is the Best
Kristen Azzopardi

A shout out to the most underrated pet of all time. I am absolutely obsessed with animals, especially my hamster GusGus. I adopted him about two years ago, and it has been the best decision I've ever made! From being my college roomie to family pet, he's been through it all.

1. They are not needy animals.

Hamsters don’t need a lot except for food, water, a clean cage and some love. Cleaning is usually by preference but their cage starts to smell after two weeks!

Make sure to give them fresh food and water.

2. They do not require an expert caretaker.

All ages can enjoy the company of a hamster. They are great first pets or great last pets. As long as you’re responsible you’ll have an excellent companion.

3. Even when they grow up you can still hold them in the palm of your hand.

Hamsters are tiny and will never be bigger than the size of your hand. Unlike those other pets…puppies and kittens…hamsters will never get too big to hold.

4. They barely make noise…except for their exercise wheels.

Hamsters barely squeal or squeak, but they are nocturnal so watch out for those exercise wheels and constant digging. Other than that you will have a perfect little angel in a cage.

5. They do not require expensive materials.

The first steps in getting a hamster may be a bit pricey( I personally spent around $60.00) but other than that hamsters are very cheap pets. Food and bedding last a while and do not cost much.

6. They have the chubbiest cheeks.

Not an exaggeration. Hamsters love storing food in their cheeks that makes them extra chubby. If you have not seen a hamster eat I would definitely check out some videos on YouTube.

7. They’re the perfect dorm room pet (Don’t tell your RA).

I do not condone breaking the rules of your university residence hall but hamsters make the best college pets. Make sure you are allowed to have one on campus and if you are, please get one with the intent of taking care of them! Hamsters are not toys; they are living creatures who deserve to be treated with the utmost love and respect.

8. Everything about them is little and adorable.

Unless you’re living under a rock then I do not need to explain how cute hamsters are. They can put a smile on anyone’s face. Seriously. My 86 year old grandmother is terrified of rodents but one look at my hammy and she fell in love! She even feeds him fresh veggies from the store.

9. Even when they poop.

Yes even their bowl movements are cute. They closely resemble very tiny chocolate chips.

10. They are the perfect gym partner.

Hamsters are an inspiration. The term gym rat should be changed to gym hamster because these little creatures love physical exercise. Whether running on a wheel or running in their ball, you can expect to be fascinated by these tiny animals. You might even be a bit envious too…

11. They’ll be up late at night when you can’t sleep because you know…the whole nocturnal thing.

Hamsters are nocturnal which means they’ll be up most of the night. If you’re a night owl like I am, it’ll make you feel a bit more comfortable knowing your little buddy is up with you. For times when I feel most stressed, especially during exams week, I like to take a mini study break and take my hamster out to play. I don’t even feel guilty because I know he enjoys it.

12. They may not seem like it, but hamsters are easily the most lovable of creatures.

It may take a bit for a new hammy to warm up to you but give it some time. I promise that once you both connect it will be the best feeling of your life. Though they may be small and not the most glamorous of all the pets, a hamster may change your life.

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