12 Professional Athletes We Love To Hate
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12 Professional Athletes We Love To Hate

Cocky and talented

12 Professional Athletes We Love To Hate


Jay Cutler

One of the most mocked QBs in recent history, Jay Cutler can't seem to do anything right. His huge contract kills the Bears cap space and he throws most of his interceptions in the fourth quarter. He also seems to be the reason why Chicago is where coaches go to get fired.

Ndamukong Suh

Suh's career has been defined by his dirty play. Stomping and kicking is not okay in pretty much every sport (See Draymond Green), but not as bad as other offenses (See Luis Suarez).

Odell Beckham Jr.

OBJ's sideline outbursts and theatrics on the field rub a lot of people the wrong way and he isn't afraid to show everyone how highly he values himself. The twitter wars don't instill confidence or support from fans either.

Josh Norman

Norman has been challenged and called out by players and fans alike this season as he followed a large contract to a new team in the offseason and his play doesn't seem to be as lockdown as he thinks it is.


Cristiano Ronaldo

Another very arrogant superstar with talent to back it up, Ronaldo is infamous for his selfish plays and attention seeking off the field. Also, the constant flopping on the pitch gets old very quickly.

Luis Suarez

One of the top goal scorers in the world, Suarez has trouble controlling his temper on the pitch. He has been caught three separate times for BITING opponents as well as the usual kicking and punching tantrums.


Yasiel Puig

A great talent whose ego is bigger than his bat, Puig has caused problems in the dugout that changed the team dynamic. Also, the flare he adds gets under the skin of opposing players and fans.

Jose Bautista

"Joey Bats" is a cocky as they come. His huge bat flip in the playoffs ignited the debate about showmanship in baseball, not to mention sparked conflict with his opponent.


Lebron James

"The King" is probably one of the best players to touch a basketball, but his decision to leave his hometown Cavaliers for the Miami Heat and form The Big Three with Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh caused everyone who wasn't a Heat fan, to hate him.

Blake Griffin

Being the tough, physical player that he is, this reputation comes with the territory. He gets involved in plenty of pushing and shoving, not to mention taking every opportunity to try and dunk over someone, showing a complete lack of respect for his opponent.

Kevin Durant

One of the most unique mixes of size and shooting ability the NBA has ever seen, Durant sent shockwaves through the basketball world this past summer when he decided to leave the Oklahoma City Thunder to join the Golden State Warriors team that was already loaded with talent. Much like Lebron James' move to form The Big Three, non-Warrior fans let Durant know their sentiments on the road with a chorus of boos.

Draymond Green

An undersized player with huge drive and toughness, Green is always looking to prove people wrong and find extra motivation for himself and his teammates. He never backs down from a challenge and speaks his mind, especially on the court. Opponents hate his constant appeals to the refs during games, and, as of late, his leg kicks have come under scrutiny.

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