Alright, let's be honest. Living in a college dorm has some big perks- and also some huge drawbacks. Through this past year of living in a dorm, I've definitely experienced a few.

1. Freedom is everything.

This can be terrifying as well as totally awesome. You'll be amazed at just how quickly you have to grow up and figure things out for yourself.

2. Nothing can prepare you for the intense exercise that is move-in day, and move-out day.

Enlist a crew if you want to get it done faster.

3. No one follows quiet hours-- especially when you're trying to sleep.

The hall will be absolutely silent until your head hits the pillow. Then it's all out chaos.

4. It's awesome having your best friends live right down the hall from you.

Nothing is better than not having to go outside or drive anywhere to be with your friends. This also means that you get to have some crazy experiences together.

5. At the same time, drama and rumors spread quickly.

In some ways, dorm life can revert back to high school. The drama never ends.

6. There will be days where the entire floor will somehow survive on the one last roll of toilet paper.

And no one knows how.

7. When one person gets sick, the entire dorm gets sick.

No amount of Clorox wipes will save you.

8. You will never see more disgusting messes than in the community bathroom.


9. You will be surprised how cool your RAs can be.

It's amazing what a little mutual respect can do.

10. It's super easy to get involved in campus life.

From going to hall programs or hall council, there's plenty of ways to do new things. It also never hurts to receive free shirts and food at the same time.

11. The walls are super thin.

Why yes, I have heard your alarm going off for the past two hours!

12. You will have the time of your life.