12 Advantages Of Being The Oldest Sibling
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12 Advantages Of Being The Oldest Sibling

Be proud to be the top dog.

12 Advantages Of Being The Oldest Sibling
Monica Levitan

Most people like to talk about the numerous disadvantages of being the oldest sibling, rather than the advantages. However, there are a ton of pros to being the firstborn. I am the oldest sibling in my family and have two younger brothers, one who is 17 years old and the other who is 12 years old. I am here to tell you why being the oldest is the bee's knees.

1. You were the trial child.

Since you were the first one born in the family, your parents didn't really know what they were doing. Basically, you got away with anything. Ah, the life.

2. You never received any hand-me-downs.

Care for some old, worn-out clothes that don't really match your style? I'm gonna have to pass on that one.

3. You got first dibs on literally everything.

You never have to fight for the first player controller or where to sit in the car because they all knew you'd have your way in the end.

4. You were the unofficial third parent when necessary.

Whenever your parents had had enough and would separate themselves from it all for a bit, you always became the mediator. You made sure everyone ended up exactly how they were before things went crazy. And when your parents left the house for any reason, you became the boss. Everyone had to follow your rules and couldn't say no because you were always in charge when Mom and/or Dad were gone.

5. Whenever an argument or fight occurred you had the final say in what really happened.

No matter what the situation was, an adult would come to you and ask what happened, which gave you power. You could change the story and/or put the blame on anyone you wanted, and they believed you 100 percent. Sweet.

6. The younger kids looked up to you.

Since you were the firstborn, you were kind of like the Morgan Freeman of family members. They all strove to be just as good as you. But can you blame them?

7. Which helped when you wanted to provoke or manipulate them.

Because who doesn't love messing with your younger siblings and getting them to do stupid things, or convincing them that something is true when you know it's not?

8. You got the best privileges.

While your brothers and sisters where getting ready for bed, you were able to stay up late and watch TV. Plus, the passenger seat in your family car always had your name on it.

9. Your childhood was the most documented out of all the siblings.

Since you were the firstborn child, the entire family was kind of obsessed with you. From your parents to your grandparents, people were always taking pictures and videos of you. They couldn't help it.

10. Your opinion mattered.

Your siblings always came to you for advice when they knew they couldn't go to Mom or Dad. That's when you got real and gave your honest advice and opinion on whatever they needed help with. You were kind of like their personal guru.

11. You made sure that NO ONE bullied your brothers and sisters. Because that job was specifically reserved for you and only you.

12. But overall, you will always be able to say that you are #1.

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