There is a long list of things that so many former football players miss about the game. Whether you were a bench player or starter, their are numerous things that were shared that are still missed to this very day. The experience of throwing on a helmet and shoulder pads with your brothers is like no other but that argument can be made for many other sports as well. Below is a list of things that former players miss about the game that many others can agree with:

1. The Brotherhood

We formed unbreakable bonds over the years and those bonds are harder to break than most.

2. The Bus Rides

Specifically on the way to games when everyone is locked in and post-game after another victory when the energy is at its peak.

3. The Pep Rallies

When all eyes are on you and the energy of the room fires you up.

4. The Fireworks

Although the fireworks were behind us we knew the memorable image taking place.

5. The Fans

The home fans and the away fans that brought so much passion to every game and gave us more motivation to perform at our best.

6. The Rivalries

Fighting for bragging rights against teams that have been battling for decades.

7. The Coaches

Through the tough times and when things were going good, they were persistent in getting the best out of us and preparing us for life after the game.

8. The Community

Off the field and away from the school, the community would be brought together by football season and the feeling was amazing knowing you were a part of that.

9. The Canceled Practices

The truth is no one 100 percent enjoyed going to practice so we always were hopeful when there was a storm cloud coming through with some lightning along with it.

10. The Locker room

Many unspeakable things occurred in the locker room and that in itself holds so many memories for so many people.

11. The Game

And of course the game itself. Whether it be the energy surrounding us, the ups and the downs, the love from your teammates, fans and coaches, family, etc..

Those experiences and memories are irreplaceable and everything about the game prepared for the next step in life. The work ethic, the comradery, the love and passion all in some manner still help us to this very day.