10 Struggles Every Introverted Extrovert Understands

10 Struggles Every Introverted Extrovert Understands

You are not alone!


Trust me, we exist.

1. Nothing sounds better than staying in on a Friday night with a good movie and a huge pizza all to yourself, but you also have major FOMO whenever you see the endless Snapchats of people who are out at parties having fun.

2. If you see someone you know in public, you try to avoid them at all costs. It truly is the WORST thing to be stuck in an awkward conversation with someone you sort of, kind of know.

3. You tend to be one of the loud ones in your friend group, but when it comes to being around new people, you would rather just silently stick by your friends for the night.

4. You are awful at responding to texts because sometimes, you just really don't feel like talking to anyone. Next time someone yells at you for not answering them, don't apologize, you're just being you!

5.You love attention for like, five minutes. Anything more gives you the sweats... and a case of the mumbles.

6. If you like someone, you seriously like them. They should be considered lucky if you want to hang out with them more than three times because you often have a hard time connecting with new people

7. If you make an effort to hang out with someone that you normally don't hang out with, and get shut down, you will probably never make an effort with them again. Sorry, they lost their chance to spend time with a really cool person (you.)

8. You might spend the whole day looking forward to going out at night, but once its time to go out, you back out of plans and feel bad for letting your friends down.

9. You have fun for the first hour of a party, once an hour is up, you are ready to go home and be in your bed with your laptop and some mac n cheese.

10. At the end of the day, your dog is truly the only one you love and feel 100% comfortable with.

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